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80 (UK) (Aug 09, 2007)
So that's Track & Field - untainted by the passing of time, and still as mindlessly entertaining as it was back in the day. Sure, Hyper Sports improved on the formula a little, and Epyx went off and took the idea to dizzy heights not long after that, but in essence this is one of those few occasions when a game concept emerged fully formed from the beginning. For 400 measly points you can't really go wrong with what is undoubtedly one of the finest retro additions to Live Arcade to date. (Aug 28, 2007)
It’s a simple design that although appears quite dated, can still be fun in short bursts especially with four players on the same system. The game is available for only 400 Microsoft points and if you’re not afraid to lose feeling in your hands, Track & Field gets a recommendation.