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Gaming Nexus (Nov 14, 2011)
There are no other games quite like the experience that one will find with Tropico 4 on the Xbox 360. The requirements of a ruler from construction to trading feel less like chores and instead more opportunities for creating a powerful island nation. With the sheer amount of included content and near flawless transition from PC to console, Tropico 4 is a highly recommended destination for an extended vacation.
ZTGameDomain (Nov 04, 2011)
Tropico 4 on the Xbox 360 is about as good as a port can get. It even runs better on my Xbox 360 than on my PC. The controls may not work as well as they do on PC, but Haemimont have made sure that they work as well as possible. It also means that the game is a ’must buy’ for fans of the genre, who would normally miss out if they don’t own a PC.
Video Game Generation (Jan 09, 2012)
Tropico 4 is a nice follow-up to Tropico 3. While the game adds several features to the previous game, it doesn’t feel like a true sequel but more of an upgrade - a more honest naming convention would have this game released as Tropico 3.5. Regardless, the game is an extremely addictive and well done political world building sim. Overall, while the soundtrack sucks this time around, there have been numerous tweaks and minor improvements, and graphics and animation have been upgraded (aside from those awful Hirschfeldian caricatures! Can you say “detest”?). Any dictator in the making will love this game.
MondoXbox (Nov 19, 2011)
Ottima prova per gli studi Kalypso, che con Tropico 4 riescono a bissare il successo del predecessore regalando agli appassionati del genere un altro titolo imperdibile. I futuri aspiranti statisti sono avvisati. Preparate pure le valigie, quest’inverno lo passerete avvolti dall’irresistibile calura tropicale.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 06, 2011)
Although there are some gameplay moments if gamers aren’t especially careful with expenditures early in the game when some dark clouds of boredom while waiting for some moola to multiply in the national vaults can rain on a sunny day of tropical island ruling, those who enjoy SimCity or Civilization-style resource management gameplay with a heavy dose of political behind-closed-doors wheeling and dealing will enjoy an excursion to Tropico in its latest rendition.
Game Vortex (Oct 30, 2011)
Tropico 4 is a comprehensive and entertaining city-builder/political strategy/simulation hybrid that should have no problem hooking SimCity fans. It's a slower-paced game to be sure, and therefore not for everyone. However, if it's a change of pace you're looking for, grab your cigars and start working on your beard. Your people are waiting, El Presidente.
GamingXP (Oct 20, 2011)
Wer schon „Tropico 3“ kannte, wird sofort bemerken, dass etwas mehr Spieltiefe an genau den richtigen Stellen das Führen eines Inselstaates im aktuellen Spiel noch interessanter macht. Neueinsteiger wiederum dürfen das einzigartige Flair des Titels genießen, werden aber wohl über die etwas harte Lernkurve stolpern. Wenn Sie einen PC haben, sollten Sie freilich die entsprechende Version des Spiels in Erwägung ziehen – Maus schlägt einfach Controller. Andernfalls: Ja, El Presidente, Sie sollten die Macht in „Tropico 4“ an sich reißen!
XboxAchievements (Dec 12, 2011)
Tropico 4 is a well-crafted update that is subtly better in almost every respect, including more helpful guidance to total newcomers and a steady stream of in-game mini-missions to keep things interesting. That pesky save bug makes an unwelcome return though and really should have been dealt with by now, but that aside you will be lost in a tropical paradise.
TeamXbox (Dec 08, 2011)
It seems the devs have tried very hard to avoid reinventing the wheel here, and in doing so they’ve fallen into the trap of being too cautious in the development of Tropico 4. This is undoubtedly the game’s greatest flaw, and it’s one that may leave fans of Tropico 3 questioning the value in picking up a sequel that’s so similar to a game they already own. That doesn’t change the fact that Tropico 4 is an enjoyable and well-polished strategy experience that’s accessible and highly addictive, and for that reason we have to recommend that strategy fans pick this one up. After all, it’s (probably) the closest most of us will get to becoming any kind of tyrannical dictator.
XboxAddict (Nov 29, 2011)
Tropico 4 has a ton of content included, almost to the point of being overwhelming for a new player to the series like myself. There are so many ways to play each mission and the smallest decisions can have the largest impacts. It has a perfect balance of complexity and entertainment, and for how in-depth it really is, I never become too flustered (aside from never keeping enough cash flow on hand). The missions come in a steady pace and increasing difficulty that never made me think it was impossible. Ill definitely be following the series from now on and Im having much more fun than I thought I would (trying to push back all these rebels)!
Game Watcher (Nov 11, 2011)
The same issues that people took with the PC version of Tropico 4 remain here, though, with the graphical leap over the previous game small, too many samey career missions and a sandbox mode that struggles to remain interesting after a short period, but the game at the core is still great – and for those who have never played a Tropico game before - of which there are many on console - should be in for a treat.
HonestGamers (Nov 06, 2011)
Remember how back when you first got your PC and you played Sim City for hours on end without really understanding why? Welcome to the 2011 version of that phenomenon. Say goodbye to large chunks of your time.
Official XBox Magazine (Oct 18, 2011)
Deep, engaging strategy. Efficient controls; much prettier than Tropico 3. However, starts off slowly with an intense (and dense) number of tutorial menus and documents. Also, avatars of terrible real-world dictators? Isn’t that a little, er, icky?
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 20, 2011)
Tropico 4 is a great game that suffers from a few regrettable issues on console. Assuming the sound problems get fixed (or you install it to your Xbox’s hard drive), I heartily recommend it as the simulation/city-builder of choice on 360 despite the less-than-ideal gamepad interface.
76 (Sep 08, 2011)
Tropico 4 bietet alles, was ein karibischer Hobby-Diktator braucht. Man kann wieder seine fiktive Insel in die Zukunft führen, wobei man grundsätzlich die Wahl hat, ob man sie lieber in ein Arbeiterparadies oder die ausbeuterische Vorhölle verwandeln möchte. Das gilt insbesondere für den freien Modus, denn in der Kampagne hat gute El Presidente nun doch mehr zu arbeiten als beim Vorgänger. Hier gibt es nun deutlich mehr Aufträge der politischen Gruppen, die man aber nur selten erledigen muss. Nicht entziehen kann man sich den leider schwach inszenierten Naturkatastrophen, die dennoch eine der wenigen echten Neuerungen sind. Ebenfalls neu ist das Ministerium, das clever eingebunden wurde, da man es wirklich braucht, um weiter zu kommen. Tropico 4 kehrt ohne große Innovationen oder gar Multiplayer wieder zu den Wurzeln zurück, wobei es zwar unterhaltsam, aber auch weniger anspruchsvoll ist.
GameOver (Greece) (Dec 12, 2011)
Οι είκοσι αποστολές (που μπορούν να κρατήσουν... λίγες ώρες η κάθε μία) είναι μόνο η αρχή αν θέλει κάποιος να ασχοληθεί με το free buid κομμάτι του τίτλου. Συνεχίζεται, λοιπόν, μία παράδοση (στη δημιουργία της οποίας είχαν συμβάλλει τα μέγιστα και τα πρώτα Tropico), που αφορά παιχνίδια χωρίς απαραίτητα αιματοχυσίες και σκοτωμούς, εντυπωσιακά cutscenes και σπουδαία (ή σπουδαιοφανή και κομπορρήμονα) σενάρια.
GamesRadar (Sep 13, 2011)
It's tough to recommend Tropico 4 to experienced players. If the closest you've ever gotten to a banana republic is inside your local mall, however, Tropico 4 is definitely your best entry point into the series. It's certainly got the “accessibility” part down, and – despite its lack of long-term appeal – it's a uniquely humorous city builder that's worth a look on the merits of its well-honed core mechanics alone. As a sequel, though, Tropico 4's just passable. If only its developers had time control powers; then maybe they'd have eased off the fast forward button and taken the time to flesh out their game.
60 (Sep 07, 2011)
Hvis du leder efter en RTS, hvor du kan fordybe dig i Sim City oplevelsen - med masser af hentydninger til politik som taget ud af panikken under Den Kolde Krig -kan du trygt købe Tropico 4. Men er du mere til et spil, der ikke er så lineært fastbundet, og med action, er der bedre bud på markedet.