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GamezGeneration (Nov 15, 2010)
Two Worlds II ist genau das Richtige, was Rollenspielfans nach dem enttäuschenden Arcania - Gothic 4 brauchen. Bis auf kleinere negative Aspekte, die aus dem Vorgänger noch Bestand haben, wurde von Reality Pump einfach jedes einzelne Detail grandios umgesetzt. Die Spielwelt sieht einfach fantastisch aus. Die vielen Möglichkeiten das Spiel zu spielen sind unglaublich motivierend und die famose Technik setzt dem Ganzen noch die Krone auf. Mit Two Worlds 2 erwartet euch das beste Rollenspiel diesen Jahres! Also zögert nicht lang und lasst euch von Antaloor verzaubern!
Konsolenfieber (Nov 13, 2010)
Reality Pump hat aus den wenigen Fehlern die in Two Worlds gemacht wurden gelernt und ein solides, extrem umfangreiches Rollenspiel auf die Beine gestellt, welches Genre-Fans unbedingt gespielt haben müssen. Gäbe es einen KonsolenFieber-Award würde dieser jetzt groß über dem Testbericht prangen!
GamingLives (Dec 20, 2010)
Two Worlds II is, in a nutshell, everything that Two Worlds could only ever have dreamed of being. It is less about running around as an errand boy and more an entertaining journey through Antaloor with side quests thrown in along the way to give you something to do on your travels. The voice acting and dialogue have enough cheese to remind you that it IS a Two Worlds game but are executed in such a way that you're not distracted by them at any point. As a lover of Two Worlds and someone who championed it when all around where throwing it on the funeral pyre, it was always at the back of my mind that Two Worlds II would be full of Molyneux hype and very little substance to back it up when it came to getting hands on... but that wasn't the case. Instead, I've been treated to over forty hours of enjoyable role playing action so far and there's clearly still so much more to go... and that's without even touching on the multiplayer aspect.
games xtreme (Mar 16, 2011)
I like Two Worlds 2; I didn't like the first game at all. This one is worthy if you're waiting for Skyrim or you just wanted to play some pretty decent 8 player quests with a few friends. It does have some niggles here and there and it's not the best or greatest RPG ever made. It is however fun and that is the bottom line right there. I recommend it for Village Mode and the various multiplayer aspects. It doesn't have a massively deep story in singleplayer but it has a lot of hours waiting for you to sink your teeth in exploring.
Atomic Gamer (Jan 29, 2011)
What I’d love to see in the coming months from Reality Pump is a renewed focus on interface and on making their complicated RPG systems more intuitive. These guys are hard at work on bringing more love to the game - they’re not all rushing off to make a sequel immediately. Thing is, I don’t think the issue with Two Worlds II right now has anything to do with a lack of content - what they should be focusing on is making that content more accessible. Still, this is a damn fun title if you’re interested in a deep action-RPG, especially if you expected very little after the wildly strange, often severely disappointing first game. And if you can get past the rough parts, it’s exciting and addictive in all the ways you probably expect out of a good European RPG.
Destructoid (Jan 31, 2011)
Two Worlds II requires patience and forgiveness, and many won't give it the chance it deserves. One cannot deny the lack of polish and the archaic, old fashioned interface and features, yet one also must acknowledge the powerful pull that this game has. There's an appeal to this game that far outshines the ancient husk that it is presented in -- a truly rewarding, rich and amusing experience that takes hold of a player and never lets go until it's over. I hated my first hour or so of Two Worlds II. I believed I was in for a boring, dreary, aggravating eighty hours of wasted life that I'd never be able to get back. I was wrong. Two Worlds II is the perfect gaming equivalent to a diamond in the rough. It's ugly, it's coarse, and it's got one foot in the past, but it's just too damn lovable to be thrown into the trash. Two Worlds II is better than Two Worlds. By several thousand miles.
75 (Nov 09, 2010)
Two Worlds II macht vieles richtig, es unterhält über seine Größe, seine Vielfalt und auch seine Quests. Aber es hat für mich so viel mit einem ausgezeichneten Rollenspielerlebnis zu tun wie Conan mit Der Herr der Ringe. Dass diese Symbiose gelingen kann, dass man mit einem actionreichen Abenteuer auch Rollenspieler wie mich begeistern kann, hat Demon's Souls bewiesen: Das hat mich von Anfang fasziniert, weil es eine unwiderstehliche Stimmung, ein urtümliches Artdesign und vor allem spannende Kämpfe inszenierte. Ein Sacred in 3D kann das einfach nicht.
Gaming Age (Feb 04, 2011)
As a whole, I think Two Worlds II is definitely worth checking out. It can be a little rough around the edges at times, but there's so much stuff to check out and do, the majority of which is actually fun and engaging, that it's hard to deny there's a whole lot of value packed into this particular title. If you've been on the fence about picking it up, I'd definitely suggest a rental, as it certainly won't appeal to all RPG fans out there, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.
74 (Feb 11, 2011)
Two Worlds II offers fans enough to keep them busy for hours. The many missions, areas, enemies or spells that can be created are responsible for this. Each environment feels fresh and new so that you'll have no problem wanting to check it out. The biggest issue of the original has been fixed but there are some flaws that do remain and sting you in the eye, preventing us from giving a higher score. Small tip; gamers with all formats available should go for the PC version as the quality there is definitely a bit higher.
73 (Feb 03, 2011)
Two Worlds II is still nowhere near the level that Oblivion was. Still, it offers numerous missions to go through, and will keep action-RPG fans busy for awhile. The game vastly improves on the original, and even shows glimmers of being a truly great game. Hopefully, the developers can fix the slowdown issue via updates to make it better.
GamingBolt (Jan 30, 2011)
Bottom line is that this game is kind of like Oblivion with better graphics here and there. Much like Oblivion the controls have similarities which I personally have a problem with but got past them and enjoyed the game, more so online than anywhere else. This game literally looks to rival Oblivion IV: Elder Scrolls and does a good job of it in some aspects while it does not in other aspects such as the storyline. But if you have played Oblivion that you will enjoy this but if you haven’t and enjoy open world RPG’s odds are this is a game you will still enjoy. Two Worlds II offers so many places, people, quests to endeavor into as well as many choices in which to take your character as far as attributes, skills, appearance and powers, applying to online and offline making Two Worlds II a good RPG.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Dec 06, 2010)
För Two Worlds 2 är ett spel som trots allt har hjärtat på rätta stället och det är svårt att inte bli lite smittad av dess fascination över magiska svärd, skatter, trollkarlar med spetsiga hattar, dinosaurier, samurajer, prinsessor, drakar och demoner. I rätt sinnesstämning kan det bli en riktigt stämningsfull resa. För kom igen nu. Det är ändå ganska häftigt med stora muskler och coola vapen.
Gametactics (Mar 01, 2011)
Two Worlds II is incredibly better than its predecessor. The RPG system is good enough to encourage you to level up. It’s flexible to let you play however you wish. The issue is that everything is merely competent. In the face of that, the game still remains fun. The combat is fluid and engaging. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of the genre but don’t expect to be blown away.
Planet Xbox 360 (Feb 07, 2011)
I’m still not quite ready to convert to RPG-ism just yet, but Two Worlds II is a welcome relief from the pain I put up with in the original. While it lacks polish in certain areas and could’ve used a more balanced lobby system for online play, the gameplay has plenty to offer, and the presentation is better than most sub-standard role-playing affairs. Tuck away the painful memories of the first game and try out this one. You’ll feel some validation…even if it takes a little while to get there.
Video Game Talk (Feb 02, 2011)
Two Worlds II suffers from a handful of the same problems as the original, but the improved graphics engine and deeper gameplay are positive steps forward for the series. However, Southpeak hasn’t been able to keep up with the competition in terms of other features, a continual morality system for instance. Two Worlds II has little chance of succeeding as it’s barely up to par for a game released two years earlier in the Xbox 360‘s lifecycle. Add in the complete lack of a truly moving narrative and we have a game that’s likely destined for the bargain bin within weeks rather than months due to the bad rep of the original. If you are willing to look past the faults of the game and enjoy spending your time crafting / questing, then Two Worlds II can manage to eat up 30 hours of your RPG gaming time; vastly more if you are a side quest fiend (60 hours). But if your gaming budget is the slightest bit tight, you are likely much better off waiting for Dragon Age II and renting Two Worlds II.
Worth Playing (Feb 03, 2011)
Two Worlds 2 does what few sequels ever do: make us forget about its predecessor. Despite the issues, enough worked to keep grinding to the next dungeon and forgive the incredibly lackluster ending. This RPG appeals mostly to trigger-happy, action-oriented adventurers who want to mash enemies and don't care about the story, but it also has enough to draw in those who want to do their own share of exploring. It's not a perfect sequel, but for those who remember the original Two Worlds, it's an adventure that is finally worth most of its weight in loot.
D+PAD Magazine (Feb 15, 2011)
Whilst Two Worlds II is no technical masterpiece (with clipping issues, horrific drops in frame rate, draw distance, screen tearing), the role-playing it contains is certainly entertaining and thoroughly engaging. The adaptability of combat options and the richness of the world put to rest most of our ills with the game as a whole, as Two Worlds II unfurls itself as one RPG that is genuinely worth a look.
GameTrailers (Feb 08, 2011)
Two Worlds II succeeds in creating a world of incredible breadth. There's nearly as much to explore within the game's systems as there is within its vast world. Just keep in mind that truly enjoying this adventure often requires you to overcome challenges that don't involve puzzling quests or formidable monsters. Yet even with its faults there's a lot here to indulge your urge to explore and conquer. In another world, a more fully realized concept like this could truly be great.
I wasn't kidding when I said Two Worlds 2 was maddeningly clunky but, if you're willing to put up with a few hassles and don't mind the odd difficulty spike, there's a lot here for an RPG fan to fall in love with. In some ways Two Worlds 2 is the antithesis of Dragon Age 2. BioWare's title focuses on characters, drama, and accessibility; Two Worlds 2 has little of the sort, instead making you work for your fun. However, your rewarded with unparalleled customisation and a huge degree of freedom. I daresay that anyone who enjoys less linear, more 'hardcore', RPGs like Divinity 2 or Oblivion will cherish what Two World 2 offers. That is, if they can put up with its problems.
RPGFan (Feb 09, 2011)
Two Worlds II isn't quite unplayable, however, and I admit it might actually work on some levels for those who like open world and hack-n-slash RPGs. Character progression and management along with the subpar, but occasionally enjoyable combat may be enough to hook players not concerned with seeking meaningful experiences in their hobbies. Multiplayer modes might also entice the easily-amused. Even those vulnerable to the cheap addictive tactics employed by games like Two Worlds II should only try it after exhausting the entire catalog of similar RPGs from the past five years, for that's how old Two Worlds II feels. Most of us, however, will find Two Worlds II boring, mindless, and dull, requiring (and consisting of) such little thought that it should have a warning label. The only novel aspect of Two Worlds II is its utter disregard for the powers of human imagination. I expected some stupid fun when I picked up Two Worlds II, but instead I just got some stupid.
We Got This Covered (Jan 31, 2011)
All in all, Two Worlds II is definitely an improvement on its predecessor but it’s still not perfect. There are some glaring gameplay and technical issues and it’s fairly unpolished, as I ran across numerous bugs (although none were game-breaking). However if you can get past the wonky blocking, unintuitive menus and spell creation, a general lack of polish, and a few other annoying nuances, you actually have at its core a fun, enjoyable and lengthy RPG with deep customization mechanics and an absolutely huge world to explore. It’s frustrating that the game does so many things right yet is still pretty rough around its edges but I have to give it credit for improving on its predecessor. Two Worlds II definitely still has a long way to go before joining the upper echelon of Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls but I think most RPG fans will find something they enjoy about this title if you can look past its shortcomings.
IGN (Feb 03, 2011)
The inventive spell system and multiplayer element don’t make Two Worlds II good, unfortunately. They provide good points for brave RPG fans to find some purchase and explore the game, though. Two Worlds II has a lot of potential, but ultimately, it can’t fulfill the lofty ambitions that Reality Pump set for it and comes up shorter than it probably would have for the trouble.
50 (Mar 31, 2011)
I personally would wait for this one to hit bargain bins. I don’t think its honestly worth 50 bucks at this stage. If the multi player was better, and didn’t sock you into a prequel style set of missions, it might be worth 30. Like it is now, My advice would be to wait for this one to hit around 25 or so. To me, that seems like a good deal as far as content and gameplay is concerned. It bothers me that game companies are really ignoring co-op gameplay. Two Worlds 2 settles for a series of missions that play in the same areas, but don’t ever address the main story, and that is a cop out in my opinion. Reality Pump has come far from the first game, but shows in this one they still have miles to go before they reach a place where the quality has reached the hype.
GamesRadar (Feb 03, 2011)
Though there’s a lot to love and a rich world to invest yourself in, it’ll require more than a little forgiving on your part. Unfortunately, TWII would have benefited hugely from a few more months of developing, and it might still just be a few updates away from becoming something worthy of a better score. Until then, we suspect Two Worlds will create two of its own, one of lovers and one of haters.