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TeamXbox (Mar 25, 2009)
The best way to describe the difference between UNO Rush and UNO is that it’s like the difference between playing basement chess and “on the clock’ speed chess. Casual chess players get to ponder their moves forever, whereas the speedy tourney players must think and react without delay. The same goes for UNO Rush in that there’s a very short time in between player turns. This time varies by a few seconds from turn-to-turn, but make no mistake about it: This one is called Rush for a very clear reason.
Gamervision (Apr 09, 2009)
Uno Rush isn't an expansion or remake of the classic game; it's a re-imagining, an evolution, or a sequel to Uno, if that's even possible. It takes the basic framework and turns it upside down, ripping out the casual appeal and replacing it with fast-paced competitive gameplay. Though not for anyone who gets flustered under pressure, Uno Rush is a great addition to the Xbox Live Marketplace, and a must buy for fans of competitive action.
GameFocus (2009)
If you think sorting seven cards in a matter of seconds is hard, well that’s because it is. The game most likely won’t appeal to UNO’s broad casual audience like before, but the game definitely will bring Microsoft’s hardcore crowd calling. For only 800 MS points, around 10 dollars, you’re getting a brand new take on the UNO franchise. While I don’t think the Elimination mode fits as well as it could, the other game modes along with online and offline multiplayer provides more than enough stimulation for many afternoons. Microsoft didn’t screw around with a formula that worked well for it’s classic predecessor and it works well here for UNO RUsh each game will feel different.
Giant Bomb (Mar 31, 2009)
Ultimately, the length of time you spend with Uno Rush is pretty dependent on how cool you are under pressure. If the thought of a fast-paced multiplayer card game where you have to keep one eye on your cards and the other eye on three other hands excites you, chances are you'll have a great time.
Gameplanet (Apr 08, 2009)
UNO Rush is certainly an interesting game that seems to take some of the home-brew rules that people came up with for UNO over the years and compact them into a totally new game. It works well, and it is quite fun, but the pace of the game leaves something to be desired. The adjustable speed helps somewhat, but if you want to play competitively online you will have to start adjusting to the faster game-play. So when you are looking for an Arcade game to relax with, it might be best to pass on UNO Rush. However if you are looking for a faster paced more exciting version of UNO, dive right in. It's definitely a well put together game that is true to the original UNO style in many ways.
Console Monster (May 24, 2009)
Overall, UNO Rush is a worthy sequel to UNO. Despite some of the changes taking a bit of time to get used to, give the title a chance and you’ll fall in love, just like you did before. Don’t be put off by the 800 Microsoft Point price tag; this is another Arcade classic no-one should miss out on.
In summation, UNO RUSH is a great LIVE Arcade title. While some may be initially discouraged by the title's frenetic pace and seemingly unforgiving controls, once you get the hang of things, you'll never want to let go!
70 (Mar 25, 2009)
Uno Rush is een leuk, vlot kaartspelletje en geeft een leuke wending aan Uno. Het voorsorteren van je kaarten zorgt ervoor dat je goed moet anticiperen op de zetten van je tegenstander. Het is niet heel diep of uitgebreid en komt soms iets teveel aan op vingervlugheid in plaats van snel denkwerk, maar het zal ongetwijfeld weer veel spelers urenlang bezighouden.
IGN (Mar 31, 2009)
Uno Rush is a fun, frantic way to experience everyone’s favorite kitchen table card game. But the controls just don’t quite provide the flexibility needed to make the experience great. For me, Uno Rush feels like an extra mode for the original Uno XBLA game rather than a game that stands well on its own. That said, this is a robust, full-featured game that’s sure to build up a nice community of speed freaks.