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Unreal Tournament III (Xbox 360)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 1.6
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 1.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 0.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 1.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 1.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 1.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 0.8
Overall MobyScore (5 votes) 1.2

The Press Says

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Maybe the bigger problem keeping Unreal Tournament out of the mouths of Xbox gamers when they talk about all time great games, is the fact that none of the Unreal games on consoles have lived up to the original. They were fine, but just didn’t have that certain something that the original did. I want to call it something like “pace” or “flow” or “feel” but those all make me feel like an advertising copywriter. There were game design choices that were good and bad along the way. Thankfully they’ve kept some of the good ones (the addition of vehicles, for instance) from those games, and somehow recaptured the magic of the first Unreal Tournament. If you’re looking for that real authentic UT experience, Unreal Tournament III is about all you could ask for.
Worth Playing
Unreal Tournament 3 doesn't disappoint, and it's a game that every first-person shooter enthusiast should play. The question is, should you opt for the delayed Xbox 360 option, or play it on PC or PlayStation 3? The devs have balanced the three titles in a really difficult way: PlayStation 3 and PC have keyboard and mouse support and user-generated content, but the 360 version boasts new maps and split-screen multiplayer. That makes it a toss-up in my book, so make your own decision based on which of these features is most important to you. One thing is for sure, though: No matter how many first-person shooters the Xbox 360 has, there's always room for one of the quality of Unreal Tournament 3.
There haven't been too many games outside RPGs that I have played for fun in a while, but I haven't even sat down to do an achievement match against bots yet; I've simply been enjoying the actual gameplay too much. It is rare these days to find a game that focuses equally on graphics, storytelling and gameplay. This isn't one of those, but two out of three ain't bad. It looks great and plays great and that is more than enough for me.
As far as Xbox 360 shooters go, Unreal Tournament III is undoubtedly one of the best. The game looks gorgeous (come on, what did you expect?), runs very smoothly, and features some cool new additions to the series. Sure, the single-player mode is hackneyed and contrived, but the multiplayer action is as good as ever. This is the best console Unreal game to date, and we can't help hoping that it's the start of a beautiful friendship.
Xboxdynasty (XD)
Was soll man dazu sagen, wer sich mit der Geschichte und den Unreal Spielen auskennt, den interessiert eine Einzelspielerkampagne überhaupt nicht. Die hätten den Platz lieber ganz gespart und dafür vielleicht noch mehr Maps oder Spielmodi erhalten. Da Unreal Tournament III aber einen Singleplayer-Modus anbietet, müssen wir diesen auch bewerten und leider ist diese Wertung sehr schlecht. Nach dem der Daumen also tief runter ging und schon an der Kellertür anklopfte, öffnete sich das Mehrspieler-Unreal-Imperium und die Sucht hat uns sofort gepackt. Stundenlang haben wir uns durch die Arenen geballert, stundenlang hatten wir enormen Spielspaß und stundenlang haben wir dazu gelernt.
Power Unlimited
Ik vind het fantastisch dat ik weer een game heb die ik met een maat op de bank tot in den treure kan spelen. Daarvoor neem ik het missen van een map -editor op de koop toe en dus kan ik Unreal III op de 360 niet een veel lager cijfer geven dan Jeroen het origineel toebedeelde. Het is misschien iets minder lang dan de PS3- en PC-versies, vanwege het gebrek aan die geile customization shit. Maar als je de game al een tijdje niet meer gespeeld hebt, dan kan je hem nog een keer oppakken om ‘m met een maat te spelen
Console Monster
With these many modes and ways to play, playing online is fantastic fun and the best part of the game by far. If you want a game for a great single player or so you can plan your move through online, this is not for you. Unreal Tournament 3 is all about the action. It isn't deep, but it is immensely fun. Rent it first to see if this is your type of game. If you like games in which you run around shooting anything that moves, buy UT3. It is, by far, one of the best run and gun games for the console.
IGN Australia
Unreal Tournament III is completely as expected: a pristinely polished package that owns old-school twitch shooting. Not only does it look ravishing, but the new vehicles and features round it out as a near faultless package. Our only main concern is that its chaotic gameplay lies on a road well trodden, and the game's prized mode – Warfare – at times feels as much laborious as it us fun. In short, that sense of déjà vu you get when you start tucking into a genre you've worn out might hit some a touch sooner than expected, and without any support for user-created mods, it's anyone's guess how long UTIII will stay in fashion.
Game Informer Magazine
Unreal Tournament 3 still offers fast and furious action like few others, and 360 sci-fi shooter fans finally have a reason to take a break from Halo 3.
GBase - The Gamer's Base
Unreal Tournament III macht vieles richtig: Die schnelle Shooter-Action trumpft in den grafisch überzeugenden Karten regelrecht auf und das alte Unreal-Tournament-Feeling aus den anderen Serienablegern ist im Nu wieder in den Fingern zu spüren. Schade, dass die anspruchsvolleren Aufgaben nur unzureichend erklärt werden und auch vom Prinzip her nicht wirklich intuitiv fassbar sind. Und wenn wir gerade über Kritikpunkte reden: Auch der Einzelspieler-Modus enttäuscht leider im dritten Anlauf und ist nicht mehr als ein netter Zusatz. Sein wahres Potential entfaltet der Titel dagegen im Online-Modus, wenn die rasante Hatz jeden Action-Fan sofort in seinen Bann zieht. Dank des reichhaltigen Arsenals, der vielen Karten und der bewährten Modi ist für längeren Spielspass gesorgt.
When the original Unreal Tournament debuted back in 1999, it took many multiplayer nuts by surprise. While it wasn't necessarily unforeseen since Quake II made such a bang with its new twitch-action multiplayer, the level of depth to this FPS was almost unmatched. The ideas surrounding it were simple enough; a game made almost solely for multiplayer action. This doesn't mean only against other living players, but also against some of the the best A.I. bots for its time. Well, you can rest assured that the formula for the blockbuster game hasn't changed much, though that may well be the reason for the troubles with this game. Don't jump to any conclusions; I'm not saying its bad or good.
A true frag fest that is destined to become a classic among UT fans, Unreal Tournament III is far from perfect but still a seriously enjoyable online shooter for the Xbox 360. While the game isn’t big on new content, it’s great to see this third installment of the Unreal Tournament on Microsoft’s console.
MS Xbox World
If you're an Xbox Live Gold member and love your online shooters, then Unreal Tournament 3 is the game to get. Whilst playing with bots and/or 1 local player is all well and good, UT3 is at its most entertaining when played online. If you're more of a solo gamer that prefers a shooter with some form of campaign, then Unreal Tournament 3 is quite simply not that kind of shooter, this game is just based on all out bloody carnage in the best tournament arena available, which is online over Xbox Live.
Du FPS multijoueurs fun, violent et défoulant : voilà ce qu’offre Unreal Tournament 3. Après de nombreux mois d’attentes, le titre d’Epic brille tout autant sur Xbox 360 et se voit même accompagné de quelques bonus sympathiques. Certes, les adorateurs de « réalisme » à la Call of Duty 4 trouveront l’ensemble un brin surboosté et abrutissant, mais ceux qui aiment imposer leur « skills » à coup de roquettes prendront certainement leur pied.
The main detractor to Unreal Tournament 3 on Xbox 360 is the total lack of customization options. Both the PC and PS3 versions allowed users to create their own maps and mutators using the Unreal Editor, but the same cannot be said here. Because of Microsoft-imposed restrictions on the sharing of user-created content, Unreal Tournament 3 lacks the incredible expandability of the other releases. Thankfully that doesn’t stop this latest Unreal Tournament 3 release from being well worth your time and money if you’re fan of either the genre or the series.
Planet Xbox 360
Despite all it offers in terms of maps, vehicles, and weapons, the 360 version of Unreal Tournament III is unfortunately lacking. While PC and Playstation 3 users get essentially the same content to play with, the ocean of depth of their experience makes the 360 version look like the kiddie pool. While 360 owners get a finite experiences, other versions of the game offer infinite replay value thanks to a wealth of user created content that keeps things fresh. The gaping hole in this version takes the game from a must-own title you will play for months to a game that will last you until you tire of what is on the disc. Sadly, this also makes the game's achievement point set more difficult to swallow, with the vast majority of the points awarded for playing weeks worth of games over Live. Unreal Tournament III is a deep, rewarding game, for those can look the other way at what they are missing.
Believe it or not but Unreal Tournament 3 is a fresh wind in today's shooters scene. While the latest new games all go for slower gameplay, UT3 gets noticed by its oldskool gaming where everything is centered around rock solid action and super fast reflexes. Xbox360 users that are looking for a fast online game need to look no further.
GamingHeaven / DriverHeaven
At the end of the day if you don’t have a powerful PC or a Playstation 3, then this is a worthwhile purchase which you will find enjoyable for many months especially if you have friends to join in the fun.
Un petit peu déçus par le manque de nouveautés et d'audace d'Epic Games, surtout dans cette version console, il nous faut toutefois saluer une fois encore la performance du développeur. Le solo ne tient pas ses promesses, l'ensemble est particulièrement « bourrin » et la disparition de certains modes de jeu est regrettable, mais Unreal Tournament reste un incontournable du jeu d'action multijoueur. Les affrontements sont toujours aussi nerveux et le moteur graphique soutient parfaitement l'action sans que la console ne montre trop de signes de fatigue. La frénésie est au rendez-vous, les armes et les véhicules également : que pourrait-on décemment demander de plus ? Un éditeur pour console ? Il y aura avant cela quelques habitudes à changer, d'autant que cette version Xbox360 est amputée de la reconnaissance des mods développés sur PC, tandis que sa concurrente les accepte. Dommage...
Unreal Tournament III réussit haut la main à combler nos attentes. Le titre d’Epic Games est soigné et ça se sent à tous les niveaux. Superbe graphiquement, gameplay au poil, modes de jeu intéressants, véhicules, armes et gadgets qui apportent beaucoup au dynamismes du titre, et qui renforcent d’autant plus l’action frénétique qui se dégage, tout y est. Les parties sont endiablées, et pour peu qu’on aime un peu cet aspect bourrin et jouer à plusieurs en ligne (ou seul contre des bots), c’est du tout bon.
UOL Jogos
"Unreal Tournament III" demorou para ser lançado no Xbox 360, mas ainda impressiona pela beleza e pelo polimento, proporcionando ação de primeira qualidade para os fãs do estilo. Mesmo sem o suporte a teclado e mouse, a mecânica tradicional da série se apresenta intacta, com combates ágeis e precisão, que requerem grande perícia do jogador. O ponto negativo mesmo fica por conta da falta do editor de conteúdo, um ponto fortíssimo da franquia nos PCs,que limita bastante a expansibilidade e vida útil do jogo na plataforma da Microsoft.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Unreal Tournament 3 is a solid package that you shouldn’t ignore this holiday season. It has enough style and substance to hang with this season’s big releases, and it should be considered as a viable option at a cheaper price. There are still plenty of folks gunning for each other online, and there seems to be a pretty good community for players of all skill levels.
"Unreal Tournament III" has made a good transition onto the 360. The game offers a lot for the price tag but can get stale after a while. The achievements are mixed, offering some lengthy one to keep people interested in the game. The game excels in graphics and offers a lot to the player but it is killed by the lack of player modifications. So with a story that really has no depth you're mainly getting a multiplayer game, however you can play against bots to 'train'. As the game has no modifications, at the minute what you get is what you get and eventually the game can lose its appeal.
Si la sortie d'un nouvel UT est généralement accompagnée de cris de joie et constitue un petit événement en soi, cet Unreal Tournament 3 laisse un peu le joueur sur sa faim. On regrette l'absence d'un mode Assault ou Domination pour constater l'arrivée d'une variante du sympathique Onslaught mais d'une manière générale, il ne s'agit ni plus ni moins que d'un simple lifting graphique de la série heureusement livrée avec des cartes de qualité. Quant à la campagne solo, elle est aussi risible qu'on s'y attendait. Il reste à voir si la communauté va s'emparer des outils de création et surtout, si les serveurs finiront par se remplir, car pour l'heure, on se sent terriblement seul sur un titre qui semble boudé par les joueurs qui lui préfèrent visiblement ses concurrents. On notera que si cette version Xbox 360 s'en tire mieux techniquement que son homologue PS3, elle lui manque un atout de poids : le support des mods, pourtant assuré sur PS3.
A goose flesh raising bonus feature on the game disc is the Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Video. This offers an in-depth video preview of Gears of War 2. It literally took our breath away watching Cliff Bleszinski walk us through the new maps, modes and weapons in the upcoming sequel.
Unreal Tournament 3 is een geweldige shooter waarvan je nog weken, zo niet maanden zal genieten. De balans is uitstekend, de vijf extra kaarten zijn tof en de gameplay staat nog steeds als een huis. Op enkele kleine mankementen na is Unreal Tournament 3 ook op de Xbox 360 een veilige aankoop voor de shooterfanaat.
Unreal Tournament III assure toujours autant pour son arrivée sur Xbox 360, et Epic Games a selon toute évidence soigné cette nouvelle adaptation. Graphismes de toute beauté, action frénétique, pléiade d'armes et de véhicules... Le titre a su conserver ses principales qualités et devrait combler les amateurs de jeux multi, même s'ils prenaient le train en route. L'expérience reste toutefois bien moins marquante en solo, et quelques options manquent par rapport aux éditions PC et PS3, mais la qualité technique de l'ensemble compense efficacement ces petits défauts. En définitive, Unreal Tournament III s'impose comme l'un des FPS les plus explosifs de la machine ; ça tombe bien, c'est précisément ce qu'on attendait de lui.
Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360 is a stunning looking, slick and polished FPS that every competitive 360 gamer should add to their collection. It's difficult to see how UT can unleash itself from the shackles of its genre though. Should Epic even bother? Should we commend them for sticking to their guns and not pandering completely to a mainstream audience by revamping the game? It's great fun of course, and UT3 has done nothing that will put off fans of the genre. Question is: is it going to keep you captivated until the likes of CoD: World at War and Gears 2 arrive? We think so.
PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
Unreal Tournament III is a fantastic port to the Xbox 360 and one multiplayer and FPS gamers should definitely consider, as there's no game on the 360 that matches its breakneck speed, ferocity and level of skill. Though the single player portion is more of a training ground than anything, it's excellent for newcomers to the series to play through so they may learn the ropes. For everyone else however, multiplayer is where it's all at, and with the variety of maps (and five extras only for 360), the mutators which allow alterations in matches, six different game modes and a high level of polish in gameplay, Unreal Tournament III shows exactly why the series is so renowned and is a worthy purchase for any 360 owner looking for something new in the multiplayer arenas.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
Probably, but so what? As good as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Team Fortress 2 are, Unreal Tournament III is the most intense and ridiculous of the bunch. What it lacks in terms of bold innovation, it more than makes up for in terms of raw playability and refined execution, and Epic has come up trumps with a fine conversion.
Thunderbolt Games
Ultimately, there isn’t much to say about this version of Unreal Tournament III. It’s the same game that’s available on PC and PS3 already; it just has a few little things that make it more interesting - especially if you don’t own the other versions already. Splitscreen multiplayer and new maps definitely improve the overall experience, and there’s just something that feels different about playing this game on a couch than in front of a computer. It’s decidedly old-school, but if instant-gratification action is what you’re after, don’t hesitate to pick up the 360 version of UTIII.
Gamereactor (Sweden)
De två sista delarna är i och för sig Microsofts fel, men det bidrar till att dra en poäng från helhetsbetyget. Om man är sugen på lite frenetisk onlinemassaker är Unreal Tournament III ett ytterst bra val som jag varmt rekomenderar, även om det inte är fullt lika överljuvligt som i sina andra versioner.
The Next Level
With the Speed Freak mutator applied, UT3 plays great on a console with responsive controls that almost but don't quite reach a PC level of accuracy. Less can be said for the vehicles, though their great power is balanced somewhat by their lumbering movement. The overall weapon set isn't as balanced as it has been in previous games, however, with increased tracking benefiting the explosive crowd, and the default enforcer useless to the point of insult. Unreal Tournament III is great for a quick game or three, but a severe lack of modes and customization options makes it hard to recommend over other shooters, including previous games in the series.
Game Revolution
If Epic had instead chosen to dedicate this game completely to its online multiplayer features, they may have been able to devote more time and energy developing new and more interesting game types and weapons. Instead, Unreal Tournament 3 is a solid but predictable multiplayer title with a pitifully awkward single-player mode. It’s a vision of gaming planted firmly in the late 1990s that utterly disregards all of the many innovations that have been introduced to the gaming world since then.
GamePro (US)
Taken as an Xbox 360 game, it's hard to recommend Unreal Tournament III. Speaking as a huge fan of the previous games (read my reviews of UT 2003 and 2004), Unreal Tournament III's game style is still too tied to the PC's mouse-and-keyboard interface to be easily playable on a console controller (and believe me, I tried). Had Epic dialed down the speed, simplified the interface, and re-tuned the weapons to leverage the strengths of the Xbox 360's input device, Unreal Tournament III might've found a niche on Xbox Live. As it stands, only shooter diehards will have any interest in this awkward, ultimately disappointing console port.
Brutal Gamer
Overall, the game is a solid purchase as long as you plan on playing the multiplayer, if you do not have Live, I honestly don’t advise you to buy this game just for the single player and bot match’s as you will get sick of it fairly quickly.. Any one who has played the previous Unreal games should definitely at least rent this game, you will not regret it.