Warriors: Legends of Troy Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Moves list
Main menu
Chapter start
The story is told in some kind of old Greek art style.
Title during introduction
Patroklos and Achilles are eager for battle.
Achilles on the shores of Troy
The usual tutorial
Hold up your shield to block incoming arrows.
Your first duel with a special enemy.
Optional objectives appear during the missions. Complete them for additional Kleos.
Get a shave dude!
Map view
Try to trick the guardian into attacking as he will block most of your attacks.
Chapter result screen
Use Kleos to buy upgrades.
Odysseus on a rampage
Catch fleeing enemies with thrown weapons.
The event that started it all ... Paris and Helen meet.
Meet Hector, champion of Troy.
Alomst a head taller, this enemy will fall for sure.
Special finishers can leave the enemy stunned.
Hector fights Patroklos for the first time.
Art gallery in the extras section
Artwork in the art gallery
Penthesilea the Amazonian queen
Penthesilea swinging a big axe for Troy.
Collect blessings to receive Kleos and be fully healed.
Equip your purchased upgrades. Note that space for equipment is limited.
Ajax on a roll
Achilles with a finisher
Unleash your fury on the enemy.
Achilles jumps in for another spectacular finisher.
Fight Apollo
Ajax meets Hector.
Odysseus sneaks up on an enemy for a stealth kill.
Hector finishes a captain. This will stagger surrounding enemies for a short time.
Hector fights the Cyclops.
Finish him with quick time events.