XCOM: Enemy Unknown Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main menu
Defining initial base location
Mission control and base overview
Customizing troops equipment/training/skills
Responding to an Abduction Alert
In Skyranger in route to abduction site mission planning
Squad heavy is on roof with aliens below ready for a shot
Mission complete results and rating
Situation room - China panic meter is rising
Equipment check and prep before loading into Skyranger for a target extraction mission
Target extraction mission start
Target at far end of fountain area - Alien Thin Man at bottom of screen
Post mission promotions and stats along with days to recovery for wounded
Hello Commander..... says the shadow figure that talks to you from the council who funds your elite operations
Alien spacecraft crash site start
Sectoids using Mind Merge as we move into crash site
Research labs
Bomb Disposal mission moving through train cars deactivating power nodes
Made our way to the bomb having the heavy deactivate it
Squad members are in the train and a Alien Thin Man landed on top
Another Alien Thin Man takes it to the head from the heavy.... outta here!
Another abduction LZ in a cemetery
Sniper getting ready to drop the Sectoid

Macintosh version

Main menu
Putting my base in Africa
Nigeria alien abduction site - cut scene landing on the hot zone
Small squad keep tight two man cover watch the corners
Alien movement
Alien hit but is moving into building for cover
Shoots through two windows of the building only light hit on a teammate
Multiple inside the building taking cover positions
Another alien unseen near the pod takes a long shot hitting one of the two man team
Teammate panics and blows out our wall cover scrambling inside
Use his teammate turn points to skip a grenade onto two aliens before they return fire
BOOM! goes the Dynamite. Then the doctor back a HQ complains she wants some alive...uh nope

PlayStation 3 version

Endgame main title.
Main menu.
Aliens aren't too far away from their pods.
Moving withing the blue border will leave you enough points for shooting.
When aliens spot you, they will scatter and look for cover.
Depending from your distance, weapon you carry and character's status, the chance of hitting an alien will vary.
It is a good strategy to flank the enemy.
Returning to base after a successful mission.
Resources recovered after a mission.
Council will contact you about some missions from time to time.
Snipers can take shots from greater distance with high precision.
Laser technology is not alien tech, but is better than standard military weapons, at least again lesser foes.
Alien down.
Thin Man is human-like alien, but only on the outside.
Some aliens are biologically mechanical hybrids.
You can zoom out the battlefield to see more of the map.
Firing bazooka at the multiple opponents.
Bazooka's missile impact sent enemies flying in flame.
When Thin Man alien dies it leaves a toxic cloud behind.
Boarding the crashed alien ship.
Aliens will fire at you during their turn.
Inside alien base on Earth.
Shootout in the subway.
The more you destroy alien ship, the less alien resources you will find intact.
Tougher enemies can survive direct hit from a bazooka.
Your soldiers will attack aliens during their turn if you leave them in watch mode.
Once you research alien plasma weapons, you'll be able to use them during missions.
XCOM base.
The barracks.
Situation room.
You can sell alien corpses and alien tech on gray market.
Research projects.
Research report on plasma rifle.
Building weapons and armor requires money and occasionally alien resources.
Expanding your base.
Scanning for alien activity advances time.
Scrambling interceptors at alien ship.
Dogfight with an alien ship.
Fight in the city.
Selecting the team for the mission.
The away team is landing in the base hangar
Advancing through the forest
Aliens are dispersing after spotting you
A rather low chance of hitting the target
Rocket launcher damage radius will damage or kill all three aliens
Facing one of the alien commanders
Alien base has lots of places to use for cover
Alien floater destroyed
Fighter craft built based on alien technology
You will need a psi-ops operative for the final strike against the alien invaders

Windows version

Main menu
Intro - very true
First mission objectives
Game start
Looking in the window of building
XCOM Command Center
Configuring squad member equipment/skills etc
Terror site alert
Enemy spotted but they are taking cover
Alien moved inside building preventing a clear shot
New facility - Laboratory back at XCOM Command
Alien Thin Men spotted
Moving squad into position to take down the Thin Men

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
You will give orders to you soldiers using this view of the area
Aliens cause a panic in Australia. You should send some soldiers there or Australia might withdraw from your project and you will loose money.
Ingame menu representing your base
Build new facilities in your base to get more power or faster research
Equip your soldiers with better equipment in the loadout screen
Train your squad to get bonuses
Overview of the world
Preparing for a mission. Select your squad carefully
Objective overview before you start the mission
Do not use the vehicle as cover too long. It might explode if being hit.
Buildings can be demolished to open up new routes
A Thin Man, one type of alien species
An alien shoots at you from cover as you try to run past it's location
Taking a shoot this close will guarantee a hit
Sound waves indicate movement from this direction.
En route to your next assignment
Your scientists conducting an alien autopsy
Select your next research ...
... which often results in new items
Closeup of a sniper which usually indicates a critical hit
Avoid close confrontations with brutes, you will loose
Using a rocket launcher to blow up some aliens
Surprising a bunch of mutons
Surprise, your dead!
Launch satellites to reduce panic level in countries
Invading a huge alien ship
Throwing a grenade
Building a SHIV
Some missions need you to disable bombs. Use the energy sources to delay charging time.
Always cover your advance!
Mission result screen. A job well done!
Status of your squad after the assignment. Wounded soldiers will not be available for some time.
Your loot
You can zoom out to get a better overview of the combat area
Some mission require you to evacuate citizens.
Use your sniper to take out enemies the safe way
Check your target before attacking
Anger management. One of your soldiers using a psi ability.
Leveling up gives access to new abilities

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