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XGIII: Extreme G Racing

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PlayStation 2

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Pretty Average PlayStation 2 piltdown_man (99149)

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Platform Votes Score
GameCube 10 3.6
PlayStation 2 9 4.0
Combined User Score 19 3.8

Critic Reviews

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With F-Zero GX already released and XGRA on its way, XGIII probably won't be among the best racers on the GameCube for long. In the meantime, it shouldn't be overlooked at this point in time as it still offers some excellent gameplay and a fun multiplayer racing experience. It has some faults, but what racing title doesn't? Show me one and I'll show you a racing title that can do the can-can as well. After playing through all four circuits, you can easily push this one aside and take a crack at the upcoming titles. That's what it's all about.
PlayStation 2Gamezilla
This is one badass game. With its instant fun flavor and beautiful graphics, I decided that I couldn't put it down, and why should I? It's addictive and easy to pick up, yet provides a substantial challenge to those of us who think some games are just too easy. Let me tell ya something -- XGIII is a flat-out, go-for-gonzo experience, the coolest racing game I've played in years. Get it and relish the fact that you've purchased a very enjoyable game.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine
Although it’s not as innovative as Kinetica, Extreme G3 has everything that makes for a great racing game: insane speed, excellent control, and a wealth of upgrade options.
GameCubeGaming Target
It seems like Acclaim has all the bases covered with this All-Star Racing title. Although there is noticeable shortage of courses, each is complete with excellent structure and will amaze you for some time. Also, the four person multi-player frenzy adds to the fun and makes this title as good as it is fast.
GameCubeDigital Press - Classic Video Games
I hope this letter has inspired you join our league. Through our extensive research, we have found that we offer numerous items that our competitors cannot match. The thrill of racing against our talent has been proven to get adrenalin flowing like nothing else can. Get you weapons ready, check your engine, and buckle yourself in. Good luck and remember: Live, Earn, Burn.
Nintendo 64 owners will remember Acclaim's Extreme G beginnings as something less than spectacular. The first two games appeared on last generation's cartridge-based console and while they were both admittedly ambitious -- filled with style, energy and powered by a unique take on the futuristic racer, they were scarred by sloppy execution.
PlayStation 2Gamesmania.de
Wer sich auf das futuristische Szenario einlassen kann und kein komplexes Rennspiel la Gran Turismo erwartet, kann bei diesem Spiel bedenkenlos zugreifen. Grafisch und spielerisch ist Acclaim mit diesem Spiel ein echter PS2 Vorzeigetitel gelungen der den Spieler auf seinem Hochgeschwindigkeitsritt geradezu an das Gamepad fesselt.
If you are looking for a fun, adrenaline rushing title; this is the game for you. If you are looking for a realistic career type game such as Grand Turismo this is definitely not for you. Imagine taking the fun of F-Zero, multiply the speed times ten and throw in some next-gen graphics, and you have XG3 Extreme G Racing. Go get it.
Extreme G 3 is the latest, but no doubt not the last, word on sci-fi racing. With graphics so fast and attractive you won't want to blink, it's a great way to showcase what the Gamecube can do. Although the single player game has a few too many potential dead ends, the accessible gameplay and multiplayer support for up to four people means it's a surefire crowd pleaser.
PlayStation 24Players.de
XG 3 hätte alles Zeug zum Hit gehabt: Eine famose und überzeugend schnelle Grafik, tonnenweise Spezialeffekte, herausfordernde Strecken, einen zum Spiel passenden Sound und eine eigentlich optimale Steuerung. Doch durch den extremen Schwierigkeitsgrad, den die Fahrer schon recht bald vorlegen, sorgt XG 3 bei aller Pracht für unnötige Frustmomente und gerät dadurch an den Rand der Unspielbarkeit. Da der ärgste Konkurrent WipeOut Fusion jedoch noch bis nächstes Jahr auf sich warten lässt, heißt es für Highspeed-Adrenalin-Junkies: zugreifen!
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine
I had a love/hate relationship with my controller and this title. The shoulder buttons work nicely for the air brake, and the gas button is impossible to miss. I just wish it was easier to use one of your fingers to activate a weapon. You can configure the controls to your liking, but any way you do it, you'll wish you had one more easily accessible button. This gripe aside, Extreme G3 will keep GameCube race fans stoked for some time, especially after the mild disappointment that was Wave Race.
GameCubeDeaf Gamers
Extreme-G 3 is certainly one of the best racers on the GameCube and if you like your games fast and furious they don't get any better than Extreme-G 3. There are a couple of problems for deaf gamers but they can be overcome if you are interested in the game.
Normalerweise bin ich ein Fan von Science-Fiction-Spielen. Mit Extreme-G3 wurde ich allerdings nicht so richtig warm. Zu lieblos wirkte mir die Portierung von der Playstation 2 und zu gering ist die Spieltiefe selbst im Vergleich zu Nintendos altem F-Zero X. Klasse sind dagegen die hübsche, wenn auch ab und zu ruckelnde Optik und der tolle Meisterschaftsmodus.
GameCubeAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Despite the persistence of a weak AI, this new GameCube version improves on its PlayStation 2 predecessor in many tangible ways, which makes this release of Extreme G 3 a stronger product overall. The smooth controls, incredibly fast races and fun combat are still here, and the Cube’s processor seems more than able to handle the blindingly fast races even in four player split screen. A new arcade mode also revamps the multiplayer aspect by scrapping the loaded rider profiles and instead unlocking later tracks and hardware for all to use in their multiplayer matches. These improvements upgrade the farade of a game that was already possessed of a solid core of fast-paced fun, making this a great racer for the GameCube.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden)
Spelet största nackdel tycker jag nog nästan är musiken som inte är så adrenalindrypande som man nog skulle vilja ha den. Man kanske uppskattar den mer om man gillar Ministry of Sound, men själv tycker jag att den är på tok för lugn för att passa in. Extreme G 3 är trots detta ett riktigt bra spel som slår sina båda föregångare till Nintendo 64 på fingrarna. Det kommer dock inte riktigt upp i F-Zeros nivå vad gäller kontroll och känsla, men det är definitivt något att kolla in om man gillar höga hastigheter i läckra framtidsmiljöer.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine
As much fun as I had with Extreme G3, I have to give the slight nod to Kinetica in this issue's futuristic racer debate. Its tracks are better designed with more paths, and the trick aspect beats out EG3's primitive power-ups. Still, give Extreme G3 a try if you fancy racing whatsoever, or are looking for some forced bulimia.
PlayStation 2Gamezone (Germany)
Das Design der Strecken ist einzigartig. Es kann einem bei diesen Geschwindigkeiten, den unglaublichen Höhen und Tiefen, waaghalsigen Loopings, durch welche die Rennbahnen führen, schon mal schwindelig werden. Die Grafik ist sehr flüssig, und auch die Steuerung ist sehr gelungen. Hier wird absoluter Geschwindigkeitsrausch und grafischer Augenschmaus geboten. Fazit: Absolut zu empfehlen... zumindest als Gegenstück zu Wipeout Fusion!
PlayStation 2Peliplaneetta.net
XG3 on todella ristiriitainen tapaus. Sen lähes virheetön toteutus saa haluamaan antaa pelille paljon anteeksi, ja itsekin käynnistin sen monesti vain nauttiakseni vauhdin huumasta, teknopaukutuksesta ja hurjista refleksejä kurittavista radoista. Mutta toisaalta pelissä on niin paljon puutteita, ettei niitä kaikkia voi katsoa läpi sormien. Pelin idea on sanalla sanoen köykäinen, ja mainitsemani pelimekaniikan onnahtelut kertovat karua kieltään siitä, mikä on ollut painopisteenä suunnittelun yhteydessä. Ja ottaen huomioon, että minun tasoiseni pelaaja selvitti kaksi sarjaa häviämättä yhtään kisaa, on pelin pitkäikäisyys kyseenalaistettava vahvasti. Mutta kyllä hyvä tekniikkademo aina paikkaansa puolustaa, eikä Extreme-G 3 pelinäkään mikään täysi susi ole. Onpahan vain hieman hätäisesti kyhätty ja heppoinen kehys hienolle grafiikkamoottorille.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine
I love the speed and tracks here, and this should earn it a look by 'Cube fans. My knock on the game is that the opponent AI seemed poor and the strategy with the weapons wasn't always necessary. Even during the hard races, it seemed I could go from sixth place to first with no problem. Still, the GC-only four-player mode is impressively fast.
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
While there are a few glaring problems, most notably with the poorly implemented multiplayer features, plain jane graphics, and lackluster AI, XGIII Extreme G Racing is still fun to play. It has its share of merits, too, with solid control and outstanding sound effects helping make the game a worthwhile experience. With the seemingly indefinite hold on Wipeout Fusion’s release, rabid fans of fast-paced, futuristic racers would do well to give XGIII a try. Casual followers of the genre may want to hold off, however, as this title offers little in the way of anything unique or innovative. Hopefully, Acclaim will offer the same amount of improvement in a sequel as XGIII holds over XG2. There’s still plenty of room to grow, but they’re on the right track.
PlayStation 2Jeuxvideo.com
Au final, XG3 crée une excellente surprise sur PS2 en offrant un gameplay qui n'est certes pas très original mais qui est pour le moins efficace. On se plaît à enchaîner les courses à des vitesses vertigineuses et à customiser sa machine au fil des courses pour rendre les bagarres toujours plus passionnantes. Le jeu permet également de s'affronter à deux en écran splitté mais le titre souffre toutefois d'une longévité un peu décevante en dépit des 9 circuits et des différents modes de jeu.
Au final, XG3 sur GameCube n'étonnera pas ceux qui connaissent déjà la version PS2, mais il offre un gameplay qui, s'il n'est certes pas très original, se révèle pour le moins efficace. On se plaît à enchaîner les courses à des vitesses vertigineuses et à customiser sa machine au fil des courses pour rendre les bagarres toujours plus passionnantes. Le jeu permet également de s'affronter à deux en écran splitté mais le titre souffre toutefois d'une longévité un peu décevante en dépit des 9 circuits et des différents modes de jeu.
GameCubeOfficiel Nintendo Magazine
Un jeu plaisant, rapide et fluide. Il manque cependant de personnalité, et son système de jeu basé sur l'argent ne récompense pas assez le pilotage.
PlayStation 2PlayFrance
Un jeu sans vraiment d'identité, si ce n'est celle de s'inspirer des autres titres qui ont inventé le genre. Extreme G 3 a su conserver quelques bonnes qualités des autres jeux, mais présente aussi des défauts dont le principal est le pilotage "ennuyeux" des motos. Les véhicules collent trop à la route pour varier les plaisirs et procurer du plaisir. Non, ce n'est certainement pas Extreme G 3 qui risque de révolutionner le genre, il se contente d'être moyen et de rester dans l'ombre des concurrents des autres plates-formes. S'il vous plait messieurs de chez Acclaim, faites preuve d'un peu plus de d'imagination la prochaine fois !
PlayStation 2PSM
Uninspired around every turn, this futuristic racer tries hard to mimic the Wipeout games but never manages to get anything (especially the control) quite right. So, if you're reved up for some futuristic combat racing action on the PS2, Sony's Kinetica is the far better choice. The nod for speed goes to Extreme-G 3, but that's about it.