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    Xplora 1 For Windows By Real World Multi-Media

    Now Available From Interplay Productions

    Irvine, California, March 9, 1995 -- Peter Gabriel's highly-acclaimed Xplora 1 Peter Gabriel's Secret World music CD-ROM, initially released for the Macintosh platform, is now available on the IBM Windows platform from Real World Multi-Media and distributed by Interplay Productions. Four-time Grammy Award-winner Peter Gabriel, who has sold more than 20 million albums and created innovative, critically-acclaimed music videos, has recently found the interactive multimedia platform through which he can bring his music and art to fans around the world.

    "Xplora 1 Peter Gabriel's Secret World is the epiphany of music CD-ROMS," said Brian Christian, Interplay's producer of the acclaimed title. "The upcoming release of the Windows version brings the title full-circle, giving everyone access to this brilliant piece of work."

    Xplora 1 breaks down the barriers between an entertainer and his audience by allowing the user to embark on a comprehensive personal journey through Gabriel's world. With the superstar as the fan's host throughout the experience, players will explore four distinct realms of Gabriel's life -- US, Real World , Behind-The-Scenes and Personal File. In these worlds, players will find out how the superstar's music is made, remix a hit single from one of his hit albums, watch four music videos from his US album, and discover a few of his personal interests such as WOMAD.

    Xplora 1 was created by the combined effort of Gabriel's studio in England Real World Multimedia and Brilliant Media, Inc. The title brings Gabriel to life with over 100 minutes of video, over 30 minutes of audio, over 100 full-color photographic images, and the equivalent of a book's worth of text which brings the title to over 600 MB of data.

    Guests may collect backstage passes along their travels in Xplora 1. They may then use them to "go backstage" and see unique behind-the-scenes footage from The Grammys, the Brit Awards, the Secret World Tour, and a WOMAD festival. If players fails to collect their backstage pass, a stern bouncer will keep them out of the backstage fun.

    In addition to the CD-ROM, Xplora 1 contains a 60-page collector's book of photographs and snippets from Gabriel's life. This unique book was created to complement the CD-ROM and is only available with the purchase of Xplora 1.

    A deluxe version of Xplora 1 is available for a limited time. This special package, 4 Worlds Limited Edition,features Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live audio CD on two disks and the Peter Gabriel Secret World Livevideo tape in addition to the CD-ROM and the 60-page collector's book.

    Real World Multi-Media was established in 1993 and is a leading developer of interactive entertainment experiences.

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