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WindowsGamer Limit
As all point-and-clicks should, Yesterday tells a strong story and does it right, with no cheap twists, no secrets held from the player. That is not to say there aren’t any secrets held from the characters themselves. There is no shortage of Shakespearian irony. That good kind of irony. Couple this with challenging puzzles and sharp graphics, you can’t go wrong. Yesterday truly offers the full package.
WindowsHooked Gamers
Let me be blunt: Yesterday is a great game. The experience is short, yes, but very satisfying. There is a cast of well-developed main characters, with entertaining supporting characters. The plot is well done, and not bogged down with extra fluff. As with their prior releases, Yesterday continues Pendulo’s track record for cartoony, but still quality, graphics. One of the only places I can call out a negative are the stiff facial animations. It might have been better to leave the character’s faces static while they were speaking. It would have fit well with the comic book elements that exist within some of the game’s cut-scenes and most dialogue sequences. That minor squabble aside, I can’t recommend Yesterday enough.
WindowsCalm Down Tom
A must play game for any fan of crime and mystery stories!
WindowsAdventures United
Trotz einer Spieldauer von nur etwa 6-8 Stunden für erfahrene Adventurespieler bietet „Der Fall John Yesterday“ sehr gute und ansprechende Unterhaltung. Die spannende und wendungsreiche Story wird trotz einer komplexen Erzählstruktur sehr dynamisch und flüssig transportiert. Die optimal eingebetteten Aufgaben und Rätsel fügen sich dem vorrangigen Erlebnis der Erzählung und bewegen sich entsprechend im eher einfachen Bereich. Notfalls stehen aber auch eine Hotspotanzeige und eine integrierte Hinweisfunktion zur Verfügung. Grafisch präsentiert sich das Spiel im bewährten Comic-Stil der Pendulo Studios (bekannt mitunter durch die Runaway-Trilogie), allerdings dem Setting entsprechend deutlich erwachsener und düsterer. Die musikalische Untermalung und die Hintergrundgeräusche sind dezent gehalten, allerdings so der Atmosphäre absolut entgegenkommend. Sämtliche Sprecher, insbesondere aber auch der Erzähler, sind in der deutschsprachigen Version des Spiels sehr gut besetzt.
Wer von ein paar kleinen Macken wie der Lippenasynchronität oder der manchmal lästigen Steuerung absehen kann, der bekommt mit „Der Fall John Yesterday“ ein fantastisches Adventure, das an Spannung und düsteren Geheimnissen nur so strotzt. Wer Adventures mit mysteriöser, spannender Story mag für den ist „Der Fall John Yesterday“ ein Pflichtkauf.
WindowsGame Over Online
Overall, Yesterday is a fine adventure with a unique look, competent puzzles, and a compelling story. The only downside is that it's relatively short. It only took me a little more than five hours to complete the game, and so Pendulo definitely had some room to add in an extra chapter or two. But otherwise, as long as you don't mind some disturbing content, Yesterday is well worth its $30 price tag.
WindowsJust Adventure
Pendulo Studios' new adventure Yesterday is a short, tasty meal that has the feel of a "casual" game. It's a little too salty for immature palates, but good food for thought for adult gamers. Because of its brevity I can't award it very high marks, but I will bestow upon it the very respectable grade of B plus.
Yesterday est court, c'est indéniable. Cela dit, l'aventure proposée est intéressante à plus d'un titre, ne serait-ce que par son histoire intrigante ou ses énigmes intelligentes et bien pensées. Yesterday présente aussi l'atout d'ouvrir de nouvelles portes à Pendulo Studios qui s'affranchit avec brio du genre comique qui avait fait son succès mais dans lequel on craignait de le voir tourner en rond. Une belle réussite pour les amateurs de point and click nomades !
New York Crimes es una historia adulta, densa, difícil de seguir en ocasiones, fragmentada y retorcida y vuelta a fragmentar, siendo recompuesta solamente al final, cuando todas las piezas humanas del sanguinario puzle encajan en los varios finales que podemos presenciar. La nueva obra de Pendulo no es una obra maestra del género, ni tampoco el revulsivo jugable que la Aventura Gráfica aguarda desde hace años, pero sí que es una experiencia absorbente, que te recompensa en la mayoría de puzles que debemos resolver, por más que su dificultad quede en un segundo plano ante el desarrollo detectivesco, ante el ritmo constante de thriller de iconografía religiosa (aunque nunca de terror, esto no es Amnesia) que se adueña tanto de la historia como de la jugabilidad, adaptada a la presteza y rapidez del presente momento generacional.
Un jeu d'aventure de grande qualité, comme sait les faire Pendulo Studios depuis maintenant pas mal d'années. Sombre, avec un scénario de qualité, Yesterday est le jeu idéal pour tout fan de point and click qui se respecte. On regrettera juste une bande son française absente et une durée de vie trop courte. On ne peut pas tout avoir dans la vie, paraît-il...
If you don't skip any cut-scenes and follow the story closely, Yesterday is an experience unlike any of Pendulo's previous titles, and one you'll be unlikely to forget, no matter how hard you try.
WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming
In short, Yesterday is a welcome change from Pendulo Studios, showing that the developer is willing and able to move from its comfort zone and expand into games that deal with more mature and darker subject matters. While I look forward to the next comedy adventure, the overall execution of Yesterday makes me wonder what the next dark thriller Pendulo Studios has in store for the future.
Sometimes, it's worth taking a risk, and Pendulo Studios are proof positive. They've strayed away from their roots and crafted a thriller with such expertise that you'd swear they've been making them since their beginnings. Yesterday keeps you enthralled from the start, with smart, witty dialogue, well-made puzzles, jaw-dropping plot twists, brilliantly defined characters and a story that'll keep you hooked until the end. Whether you're a point and click advocate, someone who plays games for their writing, or even if you just fancy a good mystery, you owe it to yourself to play Yesterday. You certainly won't forget it anytime soon.
Despite some flaws, Yesterday is a good, competent point and click game, even if Pendulo's attempts at a "darker" story don't mesh with the game's art style and humorous nods. The tale the developers have woven with serial killers, satanic cults, and immortality does wrap up in surprising ways. For instance, parts of the first chapter that I found odd at the time make sense given the full story, and the multiple endings are a neat way of giving the story different shades of resolution. Yesterday will sate the needs of adventure game fans, and there's a possibility that this is a game that could have a sequel or two in the future.
WindowsAdventure Gamers
Sleekly packaged and eminently playable, Yesterday conceals the darkness of the human mind within a beautiful artistic canvas; drawing you in with glimpses of dreadful secrets and leaving you shocked, yet satisfied, with its twisted narrative.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Der Fall John Yesterday fängt total anders an, als er endet. Wer auf eine Mörderjagd in New York hofft, hat die Rechnung ohne Pendulos Lust auf skurrile Geschichten gemacht. Aber obwohl die Handlung einen extremen und unerwarteten Haken schlägt, habe ich mich sehr gut unterhalten gefühlt. Vielleicht auch gerade deshalb. Obendrein haben es mir die animierten Panels angetan. So etwas würde ich gerne viel häufiger in Adventures sehen, weil die häufig allzu statischen Dialogsequenzen auf diese Art prima aufgelockert werden. Fürs nächste Spiel dann aber doch etwas mehr Umfang und gerne auch mehr Anspruch, Pendulo.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
In Pendulos neuem, düsterem Mystery-Adventure Der Fall John Yesterday seid ihr auf der Suche nach eurer Vergangenheit. Die guten Ansätze werden allzu oft von der inkonsequenten Umsetzung überdeckt.
New York Crimes è un'avventura grafica dotata di una trama intrigante e ben scritta, nonostante i difetti citati, mentre il gameplay riesce ad intrattenere perdendo un po' di mordente nella seconda metà. Il livello di difficoltà comunque tarato verso il basso e soprattutto la risicata longevità abbassano la valutazione, rovinando in parte il buon lavoro svolto sotto altri punti di vista, tra cui citiamo l'eccellente comparto estetico, dotato di uno stile accattivante esaltato dal buon motore grafico. Consigliamo agli avventurieri di dargli una possibilità, visti gli indubbi pregi: per quante poche, le ore di divertimento offerte rimangono di qualità.
WindowsInside Gaming
For those of you willing to pay the price of admission Yesterday is a fun nod to an earlier form of gaming with a story you won’t soon forget.
WindowsVandal Online
La nueva obra de Pendulo Studios resulta ideal para los recién llegados al género y para todo aquel que quiera disfrutar de una buena historia llena de misterios e intriga. Eso sí, su brevedad, su baja dificultad y lo poco inspirado de la mayoría de sus puzles le impiden alzarse como un gran juego, quedándose en simplemente un buen título con el que calmar nuestra sed de aventuras.
WindowsGame Vortex
I've been a fan of Pendulo Studios since their first Runaway game. For the most part, I enjoyed playing through Yesterday, but the puzzles are fairly easy and as a result, the story feels very short and with the exception of the multiple endings, there isn't much in the way of replay value, but it is still an experience that most fans of the genre or developer might want to check out. Just be warned that it isn't quite as fulfilling an experience as their previous games.
Yesterday, nouvelle œuvre de Pendulo Studios, fera sans doute quelques déçus, la faute à une durée de vie bien maigre, laissant une impression d'inachevé, même si l'aventure trouve bien une fin (ou quatre) plutôt satisfaisante. Malgré tout, la narration et la mise en scène sont encore une fois à la hauteur, et seront découvertes avec plaisir, à un prix peut-être encore un peu plus doux.
Il percorso di maturazione dei Pendulo Studios inizia così con New York Crimes a mostrare apertamente i suoi frutti, sia nelle tematiche, per la prima volta espressamente orientate a un pubblico più adulto, sia nel cercare una strada evolutiva per il genere all'interno di canoni fossilizzati ormai da anni. Niente rivoluzione dunque, ma un'affinarsi tecnico alla ricerca di un ritmo narrativo più funzionale alle esigenze del videogiocatore moderno, strizzando giocoforza l'occhio a tempistiche prettamente cinematografiche; peccato solo per una durata davvero esigua e per una difficoltà eccessivamente sacrificata in nome di una maggiore dinamicità. Promosso quindi con qualche (piccola) riserva, nella speranza che il prossimo giro sia finalmente quello della definitiva consacrazione.
En definitiva, las luces y sombras de New York Crimes son el vivo reflejo de la situación que viven hoy en día aquellos estudios de desarrollo cuyas obras están a medio camino de la tan en boga producción indie y los multimillonarios triple-A. Como aquel loco funambulista que a mediados de los setenta le dio por darse un paseo suspendido a 500 metros de altura entre las dos Torres Gemelas de Nueva York, Pendulo y otros muchos estudios en su misma situación, intentan sobrevivir al contexto actual de esta industria como buenamente pueden. A veces, caen al vacío y lamentablemente hemos de redactar una noticia comentando el fin de un estudio, pero en otras pasan al otro lado sanos y salvos. Afortunadamente este es el caso de New York Crimes, un título que compensa ciertas carencias técnicas con una buena historia, pero que sobre todo logra sustituir su falta de recursos con libertad creativa. Queremos más juegos de esta Pendulo mayor de edad.
Své nedostaky dokáže Yesterday vykompenzovat skvělým příběhem, který je v adventurách stejně to nejpodstatnější. Pokud překousnete nižší obtížnost a nepříliš závratnou délku, čeká vás napínavý thriller, který odsýpá, neztrácí tempo ani atmosféru a po dohrání z něj zbude velmi příjemný pocit.
After going through John Yesterday’s amnesiac adventures three times, the game is a journey with which I really want to be indulgent, although mediocrity follows it every step of the way. It’s not a complete mess, but everything it does has already been done by others and much better. And after so much time on the barricades, Pendulo deserves a lot of appreciation, and I really hope that Yesterday is just a moment of weakness that will be quickly forgotten.
WindowsGamers Daily News
Overall I didn’t notice anything new or innovative to catch and keep my attention in Yesterday. The music was nice, the art was pretty, but the gameplay was typical to that of any other adventure game. The plot is what would draw in most. Personally, I did not care too much for the plot. It was just too jumpy for my taste, and the characters too difficult to follow. If there was a tiny bit more explanation about the choices the characters made, etc, I probably would have enjoyed the game much more.
Yesterday is als een aflevering van een spannende misdaadserie op tv. Het biedt een kort en krachtig verhaal, maar aan het einde wil je eigenlijk meer. Ontwikkelaar Pendulo Studios weet een aardige point-and-click adventure af te leveren die leuk blijft zolang het duurt. Het doet niks spannends, maar ook weinig echt fout.
C’est presque avec les larmes aux yeux qu’on note Yesterday. En essayant de faire un thriller à sa sauce, Pendulo fait preuve d’une belle inspiration et excelle sur la forme, mais fournit un contenu trop dérisoire pour ne pas être sanctionné. Comme si le développement du jeu avait été écourté par un manque de temps ou de moyens. Frustrant.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
While it might sound like Yesterday has a lot of problems, it’s actually quite good for an adventure game. If you’re a hardcore adventure fan, then you’ll enjoy it. Heck, you might even find it too easy. However, if you’ve been raised on a Telltale diet, your system will probably end up choking on the high-fiber puzzles. It’s quite a shame, too, because after that intro sequence, I found myself more excited about Yesterday than any adventure game since The Longest Journey. I have to give Pendulo high marks for atmosphere and an intriguing premise, but everything else burns up in the sun once it leaves the Adventure Enclave.
Den sterke historien og ikke minst den dystre stemningen gjør opp for de feil og mangler spillet måtte ha. Er du glad i pek-og-klikk-spill er dette et spill du bør spille, men vær forberedt på at det hele er over alt for fort.
If you’re an avid adventure game player with most of your life-changing and genre-defining point-and-click experiences behind you, this is a worthwhile addition to your library. Pendulo Studios‘ latest offers up an interesting plot with some inspired narrative devices, and even though the parts where it’s a video game are rather lacking representations of the genre, they amount to an adequate delivery mechanism for its – albeit short – genuinely intriguing story.
The grim finale comes hot on the heels of the climactic reveal, giving you the sense that things are wrapping up just when they were starting to get good. The characters you've been trying to get a handle on have finally revealed themselves, but it's too late. This disappointment lingers, but most of the game is spent exploring nice environments, meeting some strange folks, and solving a bunch of enjoyable puzzles. Whatever you wish it might have done better, Yesterday does enough things right to make for an amusing adventure.
WindowsThunderbolt Games
Yesterday has all the right intentions, but it seems to be in a hurry for some unknown reason. It’s worth a gander given its gourmand attention to detail, especially its affinity to pop off plenty of fireworks. But it’s evident that much of the fundamental elements from the story teller’s handbook were overlooked. Before committing to making the purchase, it’s highly advised to bear in mind that this is just a fix, a piece of overly fanciful cake - something you shouldn’t count on to keep you sated until tomorrow, and certainly something you won’t count amongst your top memorable experiences.
WindowsGameOver (Greece)
Όπως είπαμε και στην αρχή του κειμένου, απογοήτευση είναι το κύριο συναίσθημα που κατακλύει εκείνον τον παίκτη που θα ολοκληρώσει το Yesterday. Και αυτό διότι πρόκειται για ένα παιχνίδι με πραγματικά πανέξυπνη κεντρική ιδέα και ορισμένους εντυπωσιακά σχεδιασμένους χαρακτήρες, που καταφέρνει να "αυτοκτονήσει" κάτω από την προχειρότητα μιας -κατά τα άλλα- πεπειραμένης δημιουργικής ομάδας. Μηδενική διάρκεια, βιαστική εξέλιξη, υψηλή ευκολία, σοβαρές παραλήψεις και λάθη στο gameplay και το animation, καταφέρνουν να ζημιώσουν μια προσπάθεια που με σοβαρή εργασία θα μπορούσε να αποτελέσει το adventure της χρονιάς.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Травму рискуете получить и вы, если на волне восторга от серии Runaway приобретёте Yesterday. Pendulo сдулась и начала гнать халтуру. Возможно, пришла пора стереть обленившимся сеньорам память и запустить творческий цикл по новой.
WindowsGames Radar
At first, Yesterday looked as though it was going to be a sound adventure title thanks to a strong premise, fine voice acting, and bold storytelling that paved the way for success. Eventually it lost focus, however, and Pendulo’s interesting story was too bogged down by asinine puzzles that weren’t witty, intuitive, or interesting, leaving us wanting in just about every area. There's some life in it, and a few folks might be able to put up with the issues, but for the most part, it's not really worth the time spent clicking random objects on other random objects.
Yesterday kan derfor kun anbefales af absolutte fans af genren, der til gengæld også vil få en fint sammenskruet historie i en pæn indpakning. Alle vi andre er bedre tjent med de indre billeder fra de gamle klassikere, og det dybfølte håb om at vi måske engang kommer til at se Full Throttle 2... Pretty please?!
WindowsStrategy Informer
I had hopes for Yesterday, but they were beaten out of me during its absurdly short playing time. I got actively angry at the game at several occasions just because of the leaps of non-logic I was supposed to take. In the heyday of adventures this would’ve been rightfully mocked, and in a year that contains The Blackwell Deception (one of the finest adventures I’ve ever played) and the upcoming Double Fine Adventure it’s just as unacceptable now. For £20 you’re getting a 3-5 hour adventure with a nonsensical story, poor characterisation, and ridiculously obtuse puzzles with bad signposting. Do you want that? I didn’t think so.
More than most other genres, if an adventure's core narrative foundations aren't solid enough to carry the rest of game, everything else is meaningless -- and Yesterday's is a story built on matchsticks and marbles. To play it is to see it come crashing down.