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Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Yogi Bear Amstrad CPC Loading screen.

Loading screen.

Yogi Bear Amstrad CPC Intro.


Yogi Bear Amstrad CPC Let's go.

Let's go.

Yogi Bear Amstrad CPC Avoid the obstacles.

Avoid the obstacles.

Yogi Bear Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Yogi Bear Commodore 64 Introduction - Boo-Boo is kidnapped

Introduction - Boo-Boo is kidnapped

Yogi Bear Commodore 64 Title screen

Title screen

Yogi Bear Commodore 64 Game start

Game start

Yogi Bear Commodore 64 Camouflaging


Yogi Bear Commodore 64 Avoid the water hazards

Avoid the water hazards

Yogi Bear Commodore 64 Drowning


Yogi Bear Commodore 64 Taking a hit

Taking a hit

Yogi Bear Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Yogi Bear ZX Spectrum Loading screen.

Loading screen.

Yogi Bear ZX Spectrum Control option.

Control option.

Yogi Bear ZX Spectrum Intro.


Yogi Bear ZX Spectrum There goes Yogi.

There goes Yogi.

Yogi Bear ZX Spectrum Avoid obstacles.

Avoid obstacles.