YooStar Fashion Salon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

After the developer and publishers logos have been faded away the game's title screen is displayed.
The game's main menu. The game is targeted at girls so there's a lot of pink in evidence in this game.
The game configuration screen. Each item is changed by clicking on it until the desired value is shown.
The salon's waiting room. This is where the player selects their client. Good to see a lava lamp on the table, always a sign of good taste.
Each client has a story. The player must read this and then dress them accordingly
This is the changing room. As the player clicks on the arrows to scroll through the available clothes they appear on the client. Here the shoes are being selected
After shoes the player can select either an outfit or separate tops and bottoms. The pose here is similar to the previous shot, this is deceptive because the model does move around
The next step in the process is to select the client's makeup and hair style.
The last part of the makeover is the eye clinic where the client's eye colour is changed
When the makeover is complete the overall look can be assessed. From here the player gets to select the Dramatic Resolution button
This client wanted to dance with the DJ. As she does so the success of their makeover appears on the right.
Once the challenge is over it appears on the players list of successes / disasters
Finally the player is back in the waiting room. After reviewing their current status they select their next client and repeat the process.