Yoshi's Cookie Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Single Player Main Menu
The first level ... fairly easy stuff
New cookies glide in from the right and the top
Match multiples to gain a score bonus
Mario catches a stray cookie
Choose your character for multiplayer versus
You can set a handicap, just in case
Mario's a slave to the cookie
Yeah, that didn't go so well
Bowser takes the cake ... uh, cookie
Title screen (Japanese version)

NES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Set up a new game
Cookies accumulating
Two player game

SNES version

Main Menu
Main menu (Japanese version)
Action Mode: Set-up screen
Action Mode: Stage Start
Action Mode: Line up same types of cookies either horizontally or vertically to clear the screen and advance to the next round
Action Mode: If the cookies overload, the game will be over
Puzzle Mode: Set-up screen
Puzzle Mode: Line-up the cookies using only the indicated number of moves (displayed in the top right box)
Puzzle Mode: Upon completing a stage, you will receive a password that you can use to continue game later
VS mode: Set-up screen
VS mode: Select your character
VS mode: Line-up the 5 cookies to clear them. Yoshi-cookies can be used as weapons against your opponents.
VS mode: The first to make 25 matches wins.