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Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Loading Screen
The First Menu
The Game Select Menu
Title Screen
File Select Screen
The Yoshis wonder what to do with Mario.
What They Decide to Do
The Overworld Map
Level Entrance Screen
These white blocks give information when hit.
Yoshi swallows various enemies and makes eggs out of them.
After making eggs, he can then throw them.
The plant spits out little star dudes and coins when Yoshi throws an enemy or an egg in it.
Green spotted blocks hold an infinite number of green eggs.
Collect five of these flowers and get a 1up.
The vines in this game are much happier than their predecessors.
Chomp rocks are often used to destroy long lines of enemies quickly.
Yoshi carries a key as he would an egg.
Locked houses have minigames inside.
Balloon Throwing Minigame
Balloon Popping Minigame
Coin Grabbing Minigame
Seed Spiting Minigame
Yoshi lost!
Yoshi Wins!
Red switch blocks can open secret pipes and make dotted line blocks and coins solid.
Yoshi is about to become a pancake.
After going through a ring of stars like this, Yoshi can start the level from that point if he dies.
Falling in lava is one of the surefire ways to die in this game.
Some levels are quite dark.
Flower pots usually have keys in them.
Despite having a large mouth, this guy's not overly fond of eggs.
The first boss looks so cute and cuddly.
The First Boss
He's rather shy.
Bosses always explode in colored smoke.
Yoshi Island
Beware of falling chomps.
When hit, Mario falls off the Yoshi and resides in a bubble until the Yoshi rescues him.
If Yoshi doesn't get to Mario in time, Kamek's cronies steal him.
Pre-Death-by-Losing-Baby-Mario Screen
Death Screen
Stars make Baby Mario super and allow him and Yoshi to go places that Yoshi cannot reach.
Frozen watermelons allow Yoshi to spit freezing air at enemies.
This board, shown after a completed level, shows the number of points obtained in said level.
The board, shown at the end of a level, shows the points and point total of all completed levels in the current world.
Level Select Screen
Scratch and Win Bonus Game
Drawing Lots Bonus Game
Matching Cards Bonus Game
Roulette Bonus Game
Slot Machine Bonus Game
Flip Cards Bonus Game
Title Screen: Mario Bros. Classic
Pause Screen