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Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64 28 3.4
Wii 4 4.5
Combined User Score 32 3.5

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Nintendo 64Game Play 64
Bon, c'est vrai que Stéphane et moi aurions préféré une version N64 bien meilleure, mais faut pas exagérer, Yoshi est TOP et reste malgré tout LA référence en matière de plates-formes sur N64 avec Mario 64.
Nintendo 64Joypad
Bref, une fois de plus, Nintendo montre la voie sur sa machine. LE (très) bon jeu N64 du mois...
Nintendo 64Super Play
Det är vid sådana tillfällen man bara inte kan motstå Yoshi's Story, som trots allt är ett helt underbart litet plattformsäventyr. Synd bara att underbart måste vara så kort.
Nintendo 64Mega Score
Na sua longa amizade com Mario, Yoshi aprendeu muitas coisas e tornou-se também num herói. Depois de trilhar os caminhos da sua ilha na SNES, o pequeno dinossauro aventura-se neste título para a N64.
Nintendo 64The Video Game Critic
It might resemble a kiddie game, but Yoshi's Story offers ample challenge for the adult gamer. Personally, I had a ball playing this. Hell, by the end I was even humming that queer little song! That's just between you and me, by the way.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine
Anyone who loves action platform games will eat this one up. With 24 courses, plus hidden areas, Yoshi's Story should keep players gulping and hopping merrily along for quite a spell. One Save slot isn't enough.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Wenn Miyamoto ein Jump & Run designed, kann doch eigentlich nichts schiefgehen. Doch in diesem Fall hält sich meine Euphorie arg in Grenzen. Yoshi's Story bietet einfach nicht das gewisse Etwas, was mich beispielsweise bei Super Mario World tagelang an den Bildschirm gefesselt hat. Das liegt zum einen daran, daß es diesmal keinerlei bahnbrechende Ideen gibt, zum anderen daran, daß es mit 24 Levels nicht gerade sonderlich üppig ausgestattet ist. Daran kann auch der nichtlineare Aufbau nichts mehr ändern, nach nur sechs Levels ist erst einmal Schluß. Was außerdem fehlt, ist ein verlockendes Spielelement, das mich zum Dauerzocken motiviert. In jedem Level sämtliche Melonen einzusammeln ist mir persönlich einfach viel zu mühselig, um zu Nachtschichten zu verleiten. [...] Natürlich ist Yoshi's Story beileibe kein schlechtes Spiel, doch in diesem Fall scheint Mr. Miyamoto vornehmlich die jüngsten Zocker im Visier gehabt zu haben.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Für ein „Wir-schaffen-eine-neue-Zielgruppe“-Experiment ist der knuddelige Yoshi sicherlich bestens geeignet, nicht aber für die direkte Fortsetzung des genialen SNES-Jump&Runs Yoshi's Island. Von Yoshi's Island 64 – so lautete schließlich der Arbeitstitel – war mehr zu erwarten. Nicht zuletzt deshalb, weil Shigeru Miyamoto genau das in zahlreichen Interviews versprochen hatte.
Il suffit d'insérer la cartouche de Yoshi's Story dans une Nintendo 64 pour dérider le plus triste des visages. Véritable explosion de couleurs, ce titre est un conte de fées de tous les instants qui repose sur un emballage technique et artistique irréprochable. Seule sa trop grande facilité peut lui être reprochée, ce qui en fait un jeu essentiellement adressé aux enfants, ou du moins à ceux qui ont su garder une âme d'enfant. Mais ce serait un grand tort que de limiter Yoshi's Story à une vision aussi formelle, car ce jeu n'a certainement pas pour vocation de tester le joueur, mais plutôt de lui proposer une expérience de jeu unique.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Difference
Un bon jeu pour les fans de plate-forme 2D qui aurait pu être plus long et un peu plus riche. Un jeu à faire absolument pour les fans de Yoshi et les jeux magiques et enfantins.
Nintendo 64GamesCollection
E arriviamo alle note dolenti: Yoshi's Story, per quanto carino e pacioccoso quanto basta (diciamo nei canoni del Mario universo) senza ricadere nell'esageratamente bambinoso, è un platform soprattutto per bambini, non tanto per l'aspetto, quanto per la meccanica esageratamente semplice e di poco interesse per giocatori più smaliziati: ci sono bivi e passaggi segreti, ma questi non portano a nessun bonus davvero gratificante, nessun extra degno di nota, e i livelli si susseguono uno dopo l'altro (nonostante, sottolineo, una certa inventiva come level design, purtroppo però un po' annacquato) regolati dalla noiosa meccanica "mangia tutta la frutta che puoi". Un gioco onesto, senza dubbio, in grado di divertire, ma solo fino a un certo punto. Consigliato soprattutto ai giocatori alle prime armi (è stato riproposto recentemente sulla Virtual Console di Wii).
Nintendo 64VicioJuegos.com
Pero un factor importante que hace que un juego sea recomendable o no, es la cantidad y calidad de rivales en el mismo género, y aquí es donde podría estar el problema de Yoshi´s Story. Plataformas en Nintendo 64 hay a patadas, y la mayoría son como mínimo, decentes. Este título tiene la suerte de ser en 2D, y no tiene tantas alternativas como un plataformas 3D, aunque vienen a ser casi lo mismo. Kirby 64 es un buen exponente del género, muy similar a Yoshi´s Story en cuanto a calidad e incluso desarrollo. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2 es también un plataformas bidimensional, con la interesante característica de mezclar también RPG y aventura al estilo Zelda. Pasándonos a las 3D, tenemos joyas como Mario 64, los dos Banjos, Conker´s Bad Fur Day o Donkey Kong 64, y todos son claramente superiores al título que nos ocupa.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Land
Maybe, if it wasn't for the big name of Yoshi's Island, this game would be a bit easier to like. It looks gorgeous and adorably cute, and isn't too horrible, but we expect more from Nintendo, and certainly more for our money, so this very meagre effort is hard to swallow despite it's wonderful looks and cuddly atmosphere. Renting it for a weekend to sample the fluffyness (and see almost everything the game has on offer) might be worthwhile, but you're better off sticking with Yoshi's Island, or any other properly top-grade Nintendo platformer.
Nintendo 64Joypad
Classique mais efficace. Voilà qui définit à merveille ce titre de Nintendo. Peu de surprises en définitive mais une action soutenue, une ambiance rigolote, des niveaux assez nombreux et une réalisation à la hauteur des 64 bits de la machine. On s'amuse et c'est là le principal. Un soft à posséder pour peu qu'on soit un fan de plates-formes.
Nintendo 64Imperium Gier
Co mnie ujęło: muzyczka pojawiająca się w czasie wyświetlania czołówki oraz wybór postaci (kilku Yoshich w różnych kolorach stara się zwrócić naszą uwagę na siebie machając, podskakując, uśmiechając się, coraz bardziej tłocząc się na środku ekranu). Co mnie zraziło: średnia jakość grafiki 2D (chodzi głównie o animację), kolorki, szybkość ukończenia gry - czternastoletni kuzyn sfiniszował całość w 3 dni nieciągłego grania, no i niedorównywanie grywalnością SNES-owemu oryginałowi. Pożyczyć od kumpla warto, kupić dziecku pewno też, ale... nie jest to gra dla wszystkich. Jednym słowem - sześć punktów w skali Joela.
Nintendo 64PixlBit
Nintendo’s EAD team developed this game without the supervision of Shigeru Miyamoto and maybe that wasn’t a good idea. Although Yoshi’s Story sold well, it received negative reviews and was branded a disappointment for being too easy, too short, and designed for little children. While I agree with those sentiments, especially coming after the incomparable Yoshi’s Island, I feel that the game has more depth than others give it credit. It’s an attractive game that can be fun if you realize that there’s more to do than just reaching the end of the game. The mechanics are strong, the graphics are pretty and the score system, along with the need to complete all 24 levels, as well as finding the two hidden Yoshis, will give you more replay value than you initially thought. However, the criticisms are well founded and not too many people will be comparing high scores. You can have fun with Yoshi’s Story, if you’re willing to find it.
Nintendo 64Ultra Game Players
For fans of the original, Yoshi's Story could be a dream come true. To others, a nightmare (the game's incredibly short). With only six stages to explore each time through (there are 24 total) and a big emphasis on scoring, Nintendo may be criticized for rushing the game and making it way too easy.
Nintendo 64Digital Press - Classic Video Games
Other then that, the gameplay gets plain boring very fast. It seems that with every few Mario games Nintendo releases, they have to drop the ball and make one that is quite weak. This one comes with a very immature story line and has preschool level humor. This one bought the farm big time.
WiiNintendo Life
There is almost nothing memorable about the game aside from the graphical style (Which isn't memorable in a really good way, anyway!). Yoshi's Story was a disappointment when it was originally released and it still is today, it is not a patch on Yoshi’s Island, not even in the same ballpark. The only recommendation we could give this game is for really young kids due to the simplistic, unchallenging gameplay.