Ys: The Oath in Felghana Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
From the intro: Adol and Dogi sees a fortuneteller
Arriving to Dogi's home island
Adol saves a girl in trouble
The city gates
The town by night
At the blacksmiths shop
Inside a town house
The town square
At the Tigray Quarry entrance
Fighting Durlarn the first time
Fighting the first boss
Sister Nell and bishop Nicholas in the town church
This situation looks grim
Having a meeting at the village elders house
Deep down in the quarry
Time for a long jump, will I reach the other end?
Down at the docks with Genos Island in the background
Sister Nell, what are you doing here?
Many tricky jumps here...
Locked in and surrounded by enemies. Kill them all, grab the treasure, and get the hell out of here
Some mild platforming needs to be done here
I unleash my wrath upon unsuspecting, innocent animal assassins
Equipment screen. Note the new bracelet system
Dude... are you sure that casting a fire spell in a lava castle really works?
There is now a small overworld between the levels. Some low-level enemies inhabit it