Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Introduction: The boss sucks
Title screen
Amiga credits
Big TV makes stupid
Getting rid of the fish (honoring its name)
In Zak's bedroom.
The bus.
In Lou's Pawn Shop. Note the poster for Maniac Mansion on the wall.
The phone company building.
Zak on an airplane.
At an airport.
Looking around the wilderness.
In a cave.
The blue crystal.
Zak meets Annie.
In England, near Stone Henge.
Hello, guard!
Trekking through the jungle.
Looking around a tomb.
Flying on a tour.
Help! I'm being abducted!
Inside the alien's space ship.
It's Elvis! And he's ALIVE!
Floating in the ocean.
The Martian landing site...
The planet Mars.
What's in here?
Near a Martian tram.
Inside of the van turned spaceship on Mars.
The entrance to the Great Chamber on Mars.
Inside of the Great Chamber on Mars.
A large open door inside of the Great Chamber.
An ancient statue on Mars.
An ancient machine on Mars.
Zak is at the airport in Lima, Peru.
Lima, Peru.
Near the Sphinx in Egypt.
A secret door has been opened on the Sphinx's leg.

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Meeting with the boss
Zak's bedroom
Stupid aliens
At home
Zak dreams of giant nose-glasses. No more eating pizza before going to bed for Zak!
Checking out the morning news.
The phone company. Other than the fact that it's run by aliens bent on overthrowing our planet, it's a nice place.
The bus and it's lazy sleeping driver.
Lou's Loans.
Inside Lou's Loans.
Zak and Annie together in a secret chamber.
Martian landscape.
File menu.
The girls on Mars.
The Great Chamber on Mars.
Van made into a space ship - clever, huh?
Inside the spaceship van.
Martian building.
Hello, is ET here?
Zak in the jungle.
A fancy airport.
Some airports are more rustic than others...
Leg of the Sphinx.
Entrance to the pyramid.
A secret map room.
Zak and a yak in Nepal.
Nepal police station.
Zak on a plane.
Airplane bathroom.
Washington State.
Stonehenge up close and personal.
A giant stone face.
Ancient markings.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Watching TV
Messing around on an airplane
Hi! I'm Zak, and I have to save the world from Aliens!
Zak starts a fire.
Look! A blue crystal!
At an airport.
Annie shows a chart of the Device.
In England.
In Nepal.
I wonder if I can get that flag?
In Egypt.
Outside the pyramid.
In a tomb.
Zak's place.
Oh, great... abducted by aliens!
In the space ship.
Meeting with the king, Elvis!
In the jungle.
Mayan ruins!
Where's Indy when you need him?
On Mars.
Look! A broom alien is sleeping!
Asked for what?
Near the bus.
Walking around town.
In the Pawn Shop.
In the phone company building, home to evil aliens bent on taking over our planet...
Zak in the plane.
In Seattle.
Zak talks to his boss in the game's intro.
Airport terminal.
Save / Load menu.
The landing site on Mars.
Space bug cockpit.
The door to the giant face.
Inside the Space Hostel.
Incan artifacts in Peru.
Intro (German)
Dreaming (German)
In Zak McKracken's Room (German)

DOS version

Title screen ('high-res' re-release)
Another day, another dollar (Hi-res)
Tandy 1000 Graphics (note different cursor and text font)
Zak's bedroom -- lots of action, but not the kind he'd like! (Hi-res)
Yet another diabolical plan to take over the world. (Hi-res)
Downtown San Francisco. (Hi-res)
The phone company. Nice hat, huh...? (Hi-res)
Game title, original version (Lo-res)
Another day, another dollar (Lo-res)
Zak's bedroom -- lots of action, but not the kind he'd like! (Lo-res)
Yet another diabolical plan to take over the world. (Lo-res)
Downtown San Francisco. (Lo-res)
The phone company. Nice hat, huh...? (Lo-res)
The save/load game menu
Zak meets up with Annie.
The co-eds on Mars
In Lou's loans
In a Martian building
What's in here?
In the van on Mars
Zak is in the jungle.
Near Mayan ruins
In the Mayan temple
In an airport
In Peru
Near Stonehenge
In Egypt
Near the pyramid
Near the entrance to the pyramid
In an Egyptian tomb
Near the Great Face on Mars
Zak makes a prank phone call the divert the alien. Didn't we do this in Maniac Mansion? :-)
The map room in the Sphinx. (Low-Res Version)
Zak is in Nepal. (Low-Res Version)
Zak gets in trouble with the local police! (Low-Res Version)
An alien mindbender looks for Zak, but he's long gone. (Low-Res Version)
Zak in an African village. (Low-Res Version)
The girls in the Great Chamber on Mars. (Low-Res Version)
This giant thing controls the air flow in the Great Chamber. (Low-Res Version)
The map room in the Great Chamber. (Low-Res Version)
CGA version
Hercules version

FM Towns version

Title screen
Zak is dreaming
Back to real life...
Zak's apartment. The 256-color, FM Towns-exclusive graphics are amazing
Meanwhile, the evil doesn't sleep...
Lots of stuff to do in Zak's apartment... just pay attention to everything
The famous "F5" screen has a funny picture related to Zak's adventures
The bus driver is asleep. Hmm...
You'll definitely need a guitar
Hmm, this guy looks... suspicious
At the airport
Choosing your destination. No copy protection!
On the plane
Two-headed squirrel, three-headed monkey... what is it with LucasArts? :)
Jungle in Peru
London at night
Beautiful view in Egypt
Chatting with a yak in Nepal :)
Just try not to get to the other side of those bars...

Windows version

Title screen (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Title screen (GOG release, Floppy version)
Mars in the opening cut-scene (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Mars in the opening cut-scene (GOG release, Floppy version)
Zak's dream (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Zak's dream (GOG release, Floppy version)
Images in a dream may show things from Zak's future (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Running from small alien just to run into a bigger one (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Dream started nice but soon turned into a nightmare (GOG release, Floppy version)
Zak is not happy with his current job position (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Zak's boss is not happy with Zak's writing (GOG release, Floppy version)
Zak's bedroom (GOG release, FM Towns version)
While trying to reach his cash card, Zak pushed it further under the desk (GOG release, Floppy version)
Pulling down the blinds (GOG release, Floppy version)
Zak has an arcade machine in his apartment (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Cleaning up his apartment a bit (GOG release, Floppy version)
A look at the aliens (GOG release, FM Towns version)
A view of the aliens (GOG release, Floppy version)
This egg should come in handy (GOG release, FM Towns version)
No mail in the mailbox (GOG release, FM Towns version)
In front of Zak's apartment (GOG release, Floppy version)
Bakery's closed today (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Bakery's closed today (GOG release, Floppy version)
Visiting a telephone company to pay some bills (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Paying phone bills (GOG release, Floppy version)
At the 14th Avenue crossroad (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Heading to Lou's Loans (GOG release, Floppy version)
There's lots of things to buy at Lou's Loans (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Zak's cash card has lots of money on it... no time to be picky, anything bought can come in handy at some point (GOG release, Floppy version)
Disguised as one of the aliens (GOG release, FM Towns version)
Bus driver is asleep... however will I wake him up (GOG release, Floppy version)