Zapper: One Wicked Cricket! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Main menu
The map from which all levels are accessed. It is possible to visit a level again.
First level
Sometimes the eggs, which are to be collected, have legs and walk around the level.
There are items around in the first level which give you hints and explanations when you collect them.
A teleporter
There are crates in the levels, which Zapper can destroy with his electric antenna.
These rabbits quickly get on your nerves.
With the football helmet, Zapper can sustain one hit.
If you zap the snail, it will only come out of its house and move around.
These fields enable Zapper to do one extra strong zap which can destroy metal plates and kill enemies normally unaffected by his electricity.
Level statistics
Level two

Windows version

Title Screen
Introduction Level
Map Screen
Collect 6 eggs in each level
A secret area
Swing Swing
Train Ride
A dark cave
Secret level in Overgrown Undergrowth
Avoid the bees and the piranhas in White Knuckle Water
Completing Half Acre Wood ain't a walk in the park
In Canopy Heights avoid the darts and do tough platform jumping
In Cutting Edge Inc. try jumping on huge gears without having vertigo
Avoiding the condors in the Rockface chase
Raptor Cavern shows the best lighting effects ever seen in a game
Play with mirrors in the Laser Maze
Toughest level of the game
Final level - Showdown with the evil Magpie