Armageddon Squadron Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Creating a profile.
The profile page shows the player's progression. This new profile has only the first level of the first campaign and the first level of time attack unlocked.
Main menu.
Options menu.
Selecting game mode.
Starting the tutorial mission.
Selecting the first campaign to start.
Before each mission starts the objective is shown.
A short mission briefing is shown.
While having the bomb selected as weapon, the camera changes to a top-down view.
After destroying an enemy fighter I earned the Corporal rank.
In the second mission the airplane is equipped with torpedoes to be used in busting dams.
Targets will vary. Here I'm attacking an enemy aircraft carrier.
During the last mission of the first campaign, you have to defend towns against bombing squads. You can repair your plane or replenish your ammo by flying through those symbols over the landing strip.
Beating the first campaign awards you the Knights Cross medal.
In the second campaign you get to fly a bomber against a train in motion.
Time Attack stage selection.
In Time Attack mode the player must fly through rings within a time limit. Passing through a ring will give the player more time.
Setting up an Arcade game.
Dogfighting in Arcade mode.
Mission summary.