Boomerang Sports Tênis Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

When waving your arms like a maniac, please pay attention to people and objects around you!
Title screen.
Main menu. All text here is in Portuguese as this game was, at the time of this writing, Brazilian exclusive.
Creating a user profile.
Selecting the state you're located. This is only for identification purposes and doesn't affect on gameplay.
Selecting our new user profile.
When playing a two player mode, choosing Team 1 or Team 2 will decide in which half of the court the player will be. Team 1 always get the lower half.
Selecting the characters in your double. As you play matches with each of them, their levels increase and it affects the difficulty level of the opponents.
Selecting your hand side.
Selecting the length of match. You can choose 1 game, best-of-3, best-of-5 or a full set.
Before you play for the first time the game gives you the instructions on how to handle the Boomerang.
Before the match starts the characters' levels will be shown. Your opponents will always be of higher levels than your characters.
The cook serves (no pun intended).
When you score the characters will cheer up.
If the opponent scores, your characters will mourn.
You won the match!
After each match, this screen shows how many points each character won. The longer the game and better the scoring, the more you win points. Losing points is also possible.
The opponent serves. While on defense your characters will exchange places at each point.
You can use either character to attack as both of them move when you shake your Boomerang. The one attacking will depend on your timing.
Characters with more than 1000 points earn new rackets. In this case, the man in cow dress (called "o Vaco") uses a cowbell and the farmer uses a rake.
This is the online raking screen. With 138 points, MobyGamer is listed as #369 of the ranking.