Dark Seal Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

The story so far: demons and devils of the underworld have break through the Gate of Doom and now the four heroes summoned by the Force Divine have to destroy them.
The heroes' profiles will be shown before the game begins.
Title screen.
The only thing added to this version are these pop up menus. Here, for instance, you select number of players, access the options menu, the help screen or exit the game.
One line summary for the game.
Character selection screen: a knight, a wizard, a bard and... a ninja? Really?
As you can see, the Gate of Doom held skeletons and other undead creatures.
The ninja is poisoned. He will lose health while poisoned.
The ninja uses magic to turn into a bush of fire. While in that form, the player becomes invulnerable until the magic meter at the bottom of the screen is depleted.
Columns like those can cure the characters if touched.
Stealing my magic just before I face a boss? How convenient.
The knight is hit by the dragon's lightning attack.
OK, so who's that girl and why is she being kidnapped?
Sorry, Mario, your princess is in another castle.
That pig there is the player's character, transformed by the touch of a ghoul.
The knight uses magic to turn into a column of water. How can that be harmful to the dragon is beyond me.
Magic can also transform the characters into mythological creatures. Here we have Medusa turning some monsters into stone.
The bard takes on the second stage boss, again without magic.
The Wizard runs from the fire of a dragon. As you can see, dragons are a recurrent theme for enemies in this game.
Two players gameplay shown as demonstration. The arcade game wasn't changed so you still see the "insert coin" message flashing while the game is demonstrated.