Disney's All Star Cards Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
The main screen is displayed like a little town. Each house leads to a game and the town center leads to the main menu.
The town center/main menu screen.
The card store. Here the player can spend pixie dust to buy different cardbacks.
This cardback costs 1000 pixie dust, do you want to buy it?
The gallery. Here the player can spend pixie dust to unlock art assets.
I unlocked this Donald art.
Before beginning a new game, the respective instructions are show. Here we see how to play the Golden Mickey game.
Starting a new Golden Mickey game. I'm asked to select a character to ask for a card.
Golden Mickey. Goofy is about to ask Donald for a card.
I'm holding the Golden Mickey! I must keep it if I want to win the game.
Daisy's Memory Master game. I'm about to select the game mode: challenge or free play.
Memory Master, level 1. I'll have to find the card that matches the one at the bottom of the screen.
Memory Master. The cards were shuffled and now I have to pick the right one among those three. As the game progresses, the player has to pick the right one among more cards.
Starting a new Crazy 7's game.
Crazy 7's. As I have no matching suit nor rank, I'll have to draw a card from the discard pile.
Crazy 7's. Donald played a 7 and chose clubs to continue the game. The next player has to play a clubs card or a 7, then choosing a new suit.
Starting a new Mau Mau game. The rules are similar to Crazy 7's, but here I start with 7 cards instead of 5.
Mau Mau. I played a Jack and am about to choose a new suit.
Daisy discarded all cards and won the Mau Mau game.
A new solitaire game at Goofy's house.
Solitaire. You move the little hand cursor with the analog stick, click and drag the card with the 1 button.
Solitaire. Clicking on the pixie dust bag at the bottom right corner of the screen will bend the rules of the game. In this case, it will shuffle the pile of drawing cards.
Starting a new Go Fish game.
I'm about to ask Minnie for 7s. If she has any, she must pass to me.
Donald just asked me for 3s and, as I have none, I told him to "Go Fish" for it in the discard pile.