Double Dragon Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu. From here you can select 1 or 2 players games, the Extra Battle mode, the help menu, the options menu and exit the game.
The options menu: here you can select the game difficulty, number of lives, number of continues, control configuration and access the sound test.
Machine Gun Willy never grows tired of kidnapping Marian.
Here's a difference. Billy (and Jimmy) come don't get out of the garage, but come running from the edge of the screen. Sorry dude, she's gone already!
The enemies are coming from the door right next to Billy's garage, what a wonderful neighborhood!
Zeebo in game advertising. Billy is probably thinking: "cool, I'll buy it so I can play as myself in Double Dragon".
The "new" Abobo. When he punches the ground, even his fellow baddies are hit.
Mission accomplished! The bonus awarded in each stage is progressively higher.
Stage two. The little hand tells the player he can go on.
The second stage boss. I asked gently to the guy who took Marian if he couldn't just let her go. This was his reply.
Stage three. It wouldn't be a good beat'em up if we didn't have bosses with changed palettes appearing in later stages.
The third boss is this chubby but really agile guy.
Stage four. Several weapons are at the brothers' disposal, like this whip, used by the female baddies.
The fourth stage boss. Those wings aren't there all the time, this is one of her special attacks.
Fighting ninjas with a nunchuk in stage 5.
See that broken wall there? The guy pounding the ground with that club and making the ceiling collapse (stage four boss) did it.
The last stage is the same as the arcade game. Those minotaurs are just the same as annoying.
There he is, Machine Gun Willy. Why bother going down when you have lots of henchmen to take care of Billy, eh?
A two players game. Unlike most versions of Double Dragon, Billy is the brown-haired and Jimmy the blond one.
The Extra Battle mode character screen. Here we have all characters already unlocked, but that's not how you'll find this screen for the first time. The "thumbs up" symbol over the pictures denotes ch
Playing the game with the beefy guy from level two. Things are a lot easier in a fighting game when you're that big.