Galaxy on Fire Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen and main menu.
Instructions on how to play using the Z-Pad.
The story unfolds...
Our hero evaluates his new ship.
Fighting some baddies in your very first mission.
Whenever a mission is finished, the ship is landed and this menu is shown. After the main campaign is beaten, the "Continue" button changes into a "Mission" button and the Map button is lit up.
At the hangar players can see their ship and equipment, can sell cargo or can buy new ships or equipment.
This is the status screen.
A wreckage cleaning mission. All these red targets are flying wreckage that must be destroyed.
Some missions require the destruction of cargo ships and their escort ships.
Some other missions require the player to escort cargo ships during a time period.
Some missions require the capture of a battle cruiser by destroying its fixed cannons and its escort ships.
At the end of some missions players will collect loot.
Minefield missions require cleaning the whole minefield. Mines can only be destroyed in short distance, just before they explode.
Selecting a mission in the job board. Different stations have different missions, and coming back to a previously visited station can also grant access to new missions.
Flying a newly acquired "Hawk" ship in a Wanted mission, in which I have to hunt a wanted baddie, usually accompanied by two escort ships.
This is a Draaken ship. It is a bomber ship, with 5 weapon systems (the maximum in any ship) and the largest cargo capacity available, 60 t. I have it equipped with the best weapons available.
In asteroids missions, the objective is to destroy as many asteroids as possible within the time limit.
After each mission, credits will be added to players' account.
The galaxy map. Players can zoom in to a quadrant and from there select a system to travel to.