Heavy Weapon Deluxe Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Game instructions.
Selecting game mode.
The map shows where the missions take place.
The first mission takes place in Frigistan, a snow covered country. Look how the tank leaves track marks where it has already moved.
You're warned as you approach the mission boss with a list of its features.
The first boss, Twinblade.
Before each mission you get to know a little more about the country you're about to attack.
Those white choppers drop power ups, shield upgrades and nukes. The lovely couple sunbathing doesn't seem to be worried about the war that's been waged.
The second boss is this huge battleship.
The third mission, Petrovakia, introduces ground enemies.
After collecting its four pieces, the Megalaser is activated. It swaps everything it touches.
The third mission boss, War Blimp.
The fourth mission, Dictastroika, introduces those huge missiles that fall from the sky and explode as they hit the ground
The fourth boss, War Wrecker, uses ("I came in like") a wrecking ball to attack.
After a boss is defeated, a debriefing for that mission is shown.
In the fifth mission, Zamblamia, those zeppelins will turn into those purple falling projectiles when destroyed, so the player must be extra careful.
The fifth boss, Kommie Kong, launches rockets against the player and can destroy instantly with his stomping attack.
After each mission the player earns 1 point to be spent in the Armory, where the tank can be upgraded with new weapons and defensive equipment.
In the sixth mission, Tankylvania, the player must be careful to destroy those huge orange bombs before they hit the ground or they'll instantly destroy the tank.
The sixth boss, Eyebot, will attack using its lightning arms.
In mission 7, Vodkavania, a new ground enemy will be introduced.
The seventh boss, Bustczar, attacks with homing missiles.
About to get an extra nuke in mission eighth, Antagonistan.
The eight boss, Mechworm, will rise from the ground and the player must clear the way to avoid being destroyed.
In mission nine, Killingrad, those laser firing satellites can destroy the tank in one shot regardless of how strong its shield is.
The boss of mission nine is the H-Bot, which is about to deliver its crushing attack.
Is your mission accomplished?
The top scores table.