Reckless Racing Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Stage selection.
Character (and car) selection.
Loading screen with control instructions.
Starting line.
As you can tell from the tire tracks, it's hard to keep the car on track, as it will constantly drift.
Finished in first place.
Finishing first unlocks new tracks.
Going over some ramps doesn't really help your results.
In the Hot Lap mode you're able to see the ghost of your previous track.
You'll be informed if you've beaten a certain record after crossing the finish line in Hot Lap mode.
The Delivery Mode explained.
There's the goods I'm supposed to pick up.
If it was hard to keep the truck on track, with the trailer it is even harder as it will drag you in curves.
Delivering the goods and earning $112.
Failing to deliver in time will end the game. Here are the results, I managed to make 4 deliveries.
You can fall off some turns, like this one.
Bumping into other cars will also send them off track.
Taking a shortcut in this city track, part of the bonus track pack.
Running over this bridge at the Construction course is hard as you'll be just leaving a curve.