Zeebo Extreme Baja Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen and main menu.
The options menu. All text here is in Portuguese as this is the Brazilian release of the game. Unlike other Zeebo games, this one doesn't allow the player to choose a language.
Character selection. You have 4 characters to choose from, but they're only really different in appearance. The choice doesn't affect gameplay.
The course selection screen. Here you have 3 different courses, each with a difficulty setting. Camboriú is the easiest, Piracicaba medium and São Roque de Minas the hardest.
The loading screen shows tips like how the game is controlled using the Z-Pad.
1, 2, 3... Go!
At the right you can see in game advertising for Zeebo Extreme Bóia-Cross.
Whenever the player crashes and stops, he/she will be respawned. A big yellow "X" crosses the screen while the mini baja car is put back on track.
It is possible to run over walls inside tunnels like this one in Camboriú's track.
Using turbo to get out of the mud quicker.
This game has a record table. I just scored a new record.
The results screen. This time I arrived at 3rd. Here you can choose to race again or exit.
This is the Piracicaba track. Here the game warns me I'm going the wrong way.
There are some jumps along the tracks, like this one.
That oil gallon refills my turbo. Different colors have different amounts of oil.
More in game advertising. But hey, if I'm playing this I already have a Zeebo, don't you think?
The head-to-head character selection screen.
A head-to-head race at São Roque de Minas. Player one ran over a wall and right now is falling upside down.
This track has tunnels and water crossing.
Both players crashed and are being respawned.
This track also has a looping.
Player two won the race. Once again you're asked to play again or exit.