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PlayStationGamePro (US)
A weekend rental will see you through, but Strike's more fun than Novastorm.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
Acclaim made the wrong decision in bringing Taito's shooter o' pain to America. In one fell swoop, Jupiter Strike manges to: A) approach the ear's pain tolerance ever heard on the Playstation. B) anger the gamer with "damn this is hard" gameplay balance and limited continue and C) induce laughter with cheesy explosions, grossly overdone FMV and sloppy play control. The polygon graphics are decent and the pop-up has been kept to a minimum, but even that is not enough to save this sinking ship. I'll pass.
PlayStationGame Players
You'd better be prepared to finish the game in one annoying sitting, but with the game dynamics stacked so badly against you, don't count on it.
PlayStationGame Zero
Oh wow does this game blow chunks. I haven't played a shooter this bad in some time now, and I'm glad for it. Playcontrol is nil in this title, as is the quality of the sound effects. What sucks is I thought "Oh cool, finally a flying shooter for the PlayStation!" BREEEP! Wrong answer. This game is hopelessly on rails, and the collision counter is useless to boot. What was Acclaim smoking when they released this title. If only I knew... And to think, I actually started to get impressed when I watched the opening cinema... doh!
It's hard to not slam a game that's this bad. At best, it should be used as an example of how not to make a game.