Zen Pinball 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu
Sorcerer's Lair: loading screen
Sorcerer's Lair: start of a new game
Sorcerer's Lair: the ball is near the left flipper.
Sorcerer's Lair: the ball is lost and the table goes dark.
Sorcerer's Lair: launching the ball.

PlayStation 3 version

Title Screen.
A New Hope; an okay board.
You play all the scenes from the movie to win.
Droids - the Jawa's are cute.
C-3PO is scolding me.
A nice loading screen for the 'Han Solo' board.
A nice rogues gallery.
Han Solo explains that he doesn't believe in the force.
The whole board.
Yoda's house and Palpatine's throne in the 'Masters of the Force' board.
A beautiful board.
'Return of the Jedi' board. Very colourful.
The swoop troopers zoom around the board.
Intro to the 'Star Wars Star Fighter' board.
Cute touch.
A 'galaga' style mini-game.
'Star Fighter' main board, very 3D in structure.
'Darth Vader' table.
'Darth Vader' detail.
'Deadpool' table.
Deadpool never shuts up. As usual.
'The Infinity Gauntlet' table - great comic, great table!
Yay Doctor Strange!
'The Walking Dead' table, I assume it'll be popular.
Walking Dead detail.
'Tesla' table - really clever table with a lot of fun elements.
'Empire Strikes Back' table - hands down my fave!
Empire full board.
'The Clone Wars' board - very high scoring, fun board, with a lot of interactive battle elements.

PlayStation 4 version

Main title
List of pinball machines
Marvel's The Avengers pinball, menu screen
Marvel's The Avengers pinball, opening cutscene
Marvel's The Avengers pinball, launching the ball
Marvel's The Avengers pinball, holding the ball safe
Marvel's The Avengers pinball, chaining score
World War Hulk pinball, game in progress
Fear Itself pinball, menu screen
Fear Itself pinball, overview sequence
Fear Itself pinball, launching the ball
Fear Itself pinball, game in progress
The Infinity Gauntlet, menu screen
The Infinity Gauntlet, game in progress