Zen Pinball 2

Zen Pinball 2 Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu
Sorcerer's Lair: loading screen
Sorcerer's Lair: start of a new game
Sorcerer's Lair: the ball is near the left flipper.
Sorcerer's Lair: the ball is lost and the table goes dark.
Sorcerer's Lair: launching the ball.

Zen Pinball 2 Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Title Screen.
A New Hope; an okay board.
You play all the scenes from the movie to win.
Droids - the Jawa's are cute.
C-3PO is scolding me.
A nice loading screen for the 'Han Solo' board.
A nice rogues gallery.
Han Solo explains that he doesn't believe in the force.
The whole board.
Yoda's house and Palpatine's throne in the 'Masters of the Force' board.
A beautiful board.
'Return of the Jedi' board. Very colourful.
The swoop troopers zoom around the board.
Intro to the 'Star Wars Star Fighter' board.
Cute touch.
A 'galaga' style mini-game.
'Star Fighter' main board, very 3D in structure.
'Darth Vader' table.
'Darth Vader' detail.
'Deadpool' table.
Deadpool never shuts up. As usual.
'The Infinity Gauntlet' table - great comic, great table!
Yay Doctor Strange!
'The Walking Dead' table, I assume it'll be popular.
Walking Dead detail.
'Tesla' table - really clever table with a lot of fun elements.
'Empire Strikes Back' table - hands down my fave!
Empire full board.
'The Clone Wars' board - very high scoring, fun board, with a lot of interactive battle elements.