ZenGems Credits (Windows)

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ZenGems Credits


Executive ProducerStephan Smith
ProducerKevin McCann
QA ManagerMarlon Lawson
ProgrammingCustom Red Software
Level DesignLee Krasnow, Andreas Aronsson, Marlon Lawson, Jimmy Öman, Hal Barwood
Concept ArtCharles Hailstones, Gameport
Game ArtCharles Hailstones, Gameport
SoundsReflective Audio, Martin Laplante, Studio X Labs
MusicStudio X Labs, Somatone Interactive Audio
Script and StoryAndrew Todhunter, Sean Patrick Fannon, Tommy Tordsson, Edward Lee Murray, Susan Swinford
Beta TestingSusan Keiser, Tina Smith, Jenny Rocco, Pete Manglaviti, Sean Patrick Fannon
Special thanks to everyone who contributedAndreas Tadic, Hannes Norda, Jonas Svegland, Marcus Ottvall, Kenneth Hammarstedt, Mattias Nygren, Jim Sexton, Rico Holmes, Ian Moss, Mark Jones, Nicholas Thomas, Kane Minkus, Paul Ruskay, Stéphane Brault, Éric Vigneault, Aidan Acuff, Tammy Boone, Brian Paulson, Illustrated Alakan Moose, Jordan Monson, Edward J. Brown, Scott Kim, Jim Ely

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (187144)