Zero Critical Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

title screen
Chatt is being sent to Rheom 1 for his very first assignment
the SATIN crew
Day 1
Dr. Fayn is to be taken away for further investigation
Day 2
answers need to be found..
Fayn and Myna discussing some serious issues
this guy here is the latest one to have some problems..
..and there's a clue.
Myna's room
Inventory items can be looked up closer
Day 3
you keep getting strange email from an unknown well-wisher
it helps to be helpful..
the "unidentified manmade structure"
Inside the SS Majestic
the statue room
Fayn pays some respect
watch out!
Day 4
Myna.. in Chatt's room
not Myna too!!
the portal's getting bigger
through the portal
hmm.. I didnt like this guy from the start, anyway
Myna's made some friends
sharing the planet's rocky landscape with Myna