Zico Soccer Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
Team selection. Where's Bulgaria? England? Portugal?
This looks sinister...
Match introduction: Netherlands vs Belgium. Background image: Estadio Azteca (Aztec Stadium).
The Dutch player is preparing to kick the ball. Notice the "point".
Goal!! Belgium scored a goal.
Penalty shoot-out. Germany vs... don't remember the team.
There are eight formations to choose from. And players? There are only 11... Finally, is Zico's advice useful?
World Champion (E.A. Cup winner).
I will sell this trophy and donate the money to charity. Wait... I'll also use part of the money to buy the site MobyGames. I'm pretty sure it will be a good investment.
Won the Zico Cup. "Football Dreams Forever".
Ignore the game credits. Just appreciate the guy lifting the cup. And the human crowd. *feels warm*.