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Zombie Apocalypse

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PlayStation 3
Xbox 360

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 3 1 3.7
Xbox 360 4 3.4
Combined MobyScore 5 3.4

The Press Says

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PlayStation 3GamePro (US)
A solid multiplayer offering, gore aplenty, a low price point, and general undead silliness make Zombie Apocalypse a fun diversion.
Xbox 360Thunderbolt Games
As gamers and also as reviewers, sometimes we expect everything out of a title. We want it to have the perfect graphics and sound, engaging story, incredibly diverse gameplay mechanics, etc. Quite frankly Zombie Apocalypse isn’t stellar in any of those categories but what it does allow you to do is a get a great deal of entertainment out of some mindless, arcade-style shooting. The amount of amusement that it offers is certainly worth the price of admission. Sometimes a little senseless action is just what we need to pass the time.
PlayStation 3PSFocus
Je beweegt relatief snel met de linker analoge stick, waarmee je 360 graden kun draaien en het schieten gaat middels de rechteranaloge stick waar ook gelijk de richting mee bepaald kan worden. De andere knoppen op de controller worden bijna niet gebruikt, tenzij je met de kettingzaag aan de slag gaat. De manier van spelen is dan ook erg goed te noemen, voornamelijk doordat het bijzonder soepel gaat. Dit bij alle andere positieve punten opgeteld leveren een prima game op die het geld zeker waard is. Zombie Apocalypse is een zeer degelijke PSN game en op ieder vlak steekt het goed in elkaar. Er valt vrijwel niets aan het geheel op te merken, behalve dat het wat repetitief kan zijn, en dat betekend dat je het als ontwikkelaar goed gedaan hebt, de score valt dan ook positief uit!
Xbox 360Console Monster
Zombie Apocalypse is a pretty nice looking game. There's enough gore and flying limbs to satisfy any zombie fan. The soundtrack is nice and eerie and suits the locale, although the stupid noises made by the teddy bear distraction sort of ruin this ambience created by the soundtrack. Zombie Apocalypse is nothing special to the zombie genre. You could replace the zombies with any other type of creature and you would still get the same, fun, twin stick shooter experience. Think of it as Smash TV, but with zombies. There is a lot to enjoy here, especially if you are one of the die hards who play games such as Smash TV and Geometry Wars religiously. To you few people, I bow to're insane!
Xbox 360GameSpot
After spending a dozen or so hours shooting, scorching, and otherwise scouring the earth of the living dead, you'll wonder why it took more than 25 years for somebody to come up with the idea of mashing together Robotron and zombies. Zombie Apocalypse isn't any big achievement in game design, but what it lacks in innovation it more than makes up for with good, mindless fun.
PlayStation 3GameSpot
After spending a dozen or so hours shooting, scorching, and otherwise scouring the earth of the living dead, you'll wonder why it took more than 25 years for somebody to come up with the idea of mashing together Robotron and zombies. Zombie Apocalypse isn't any big achievement in game design, but what it lacks in innovation it more than makes up for with good, mindless fun.
PlayStation 3ZTGameDomain
Zombie Apocalypse is a great addition to both downloadable services. It is mindless fun that can feel repetitive if you let it. The hardcore scoring method will keep junkies occupied for some time and the multi-player is a blast when you can find three friends to play with. It is not going to change the way you play games, but there are much worse ways for you to waste $10 on either service. If you are craving the next great twin-stick shooter I highly recommend giving Zombie Apocalypse a try. Besides who does not love mowing down the undead?
PlayStation 3Cheat Code Central
Zombie Apocalypse is a noble effort to bring the Left 4 Dead phenomenon to a straightforward arcade shooter. Pretty much everything is done right, but it still can't manage to transcend the mundane conventions of its genre. As such, expect to tire of this game after a few hours. Nevertheless, the co-op multiplayer experience, well-implemented theme, and arcade price means it's a nice bit of valuable fun to pull out when your buddies come calling.
PlayStation 3Playstation Universe
Ultimately, Zombie Apocalypse does what it says on the tin. While in the big picture it’s somewhat inconsequential, punters looking for some Friday night thrills with a couple of beers and mates in tow will no doubt find hours of pleasure from Nihilistic’s Zombie marathon. Those of you looking for something a little more substantial to keep you entertained months after the purchase date may end up disappointed, but ultimately, it’s hard not to recommend Zombie Apocalypse to any self-respecting retro, undead fanatic. We wouldn’t say no to a sequel providing the formula is a little more polished.
PlayStation 3TheSixthAxis
A fun dual-stick shooter that does the zombie genre well. Great for multiplayer of any kind. Lack of originality and clear repetition does hinder the game though.
Auf den ersten Blick wirkt Zombie Apokalypse wie ein zünftiges Schlachtfest: Die Untoten torkeln lustig animiert durch liebevoll gestaltete Endzeit-Kulissen, das Waffen- und Score-System wirkt durchdacht und es dürfen sogar vier Spieler gleichzeitig schnetzeln. Auf Dauer wird der Kampf gegen die Zombie-Horden aber zu monoton. Die überschaubaren, ewig gleichen Arenen können nicht ansatzweise mit der Abwechslung von Mutant Storm: Empire oder Assault Heroes 2 mithalten. Schade - scrollende Levels, Zwischensequenzen oder fette Bosskämpfe hätten eine Menge Abwechslung in die Metzel-Routine bringen können. Auch beim Kampf um den Highscore zieht Zombie Apokalypse im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz den Kürzeren. Einige der Modi haben mich zwar ein paar mal zu neuen Höchstleistungen angestachelt, doch durch das langsame Lauftempo der Untoten entsteht nie die adrenalingeschwängerte Hektik wie in Geometry Wars oder Super Stardust
Si les concepts basiques et limités ne vous rebutent pas, Zombie Apocalypse devrait vous convenir. Renvoyant au Loaded de Gremlin Entertainment, ce soft privilégie l'action débridée prenant tout son sens avec quelques amis à vos côtés. On regrettera tout de même que les développeurs n'aient pas pris le temps de proposer davantage d'environnements, ce qui pourrait bien faire l'objet de contenu téléchargeable à venir. En l'état, reste un bon défouloir, primitif, loin d'être définitif mais permettant de se plonger dans un univers zombiesque bourré de clichés complètement assumés.
PlayStation 3Extreme Gamer
Zombie Apocalypse is a decent buy on the PlayStation Network/Xbox Live Arcade with a number of cost justifying moments. Playing with your friends will promise a lot of laughter and clamouring especially if you mix up your game modes in your matches. The game has comedic and silly touches for an otherwise serious and gritty tone. Although repetitive, the game will last you if you want to get through all of its 55 levels. Either alone or within a team of four, brain-eating fun will sure be found.
PlayStation 3IGN
While I don’t think Zombie Apocalypse is stupid, it is inconsequential. You can continue as many times as necessary to reach the end of Day 55 (and you will continue a lot because the deck is always stacked against you), you just don’t get your score on a leaderboard. That’s no great loss. Perhaps if Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t so repetitive -- and blatantly so -- it would be easier to recommend as a way to blow off an afternoon with friends. Instead, it just serves as a reminder that there are better zombie-killing multiplayer games out there. Yes, Left 4 Dead costs more than Zombie Apocalypse, but you get so much more out of it.
Zombie Apocalypse had heel erg vermakelijk en goed kunnen zijn. In vergelijking met andere zombiegames bieden de makers voor minder geld een game waarbij je waarschijnlijk meer zombies afslacht dan ooit. Helaas valt Zombie Apocalypse al snel in herhaling en heb je vaak het idee dat je alleen rondjes aan het rennen bent. De hompen zombievlees en het multiplayerplezier maken nog wel wat goed, maar meer dan een redelijke game kunnen we dit toch echt niet noemen.
PlayStation 3TotalPlayStation
My time with Zombie Apocalypse left me wanting that time back. It's not that the game is awful, it's just flat out boring. The fact that 3 buddies can play with you over the internet is the only thing that makes it tolerable, mainly so you can create your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode by making comments on how uninspiring the gameplay is. My final verdict? Let the zombies win this time!
PlayStation 3Digital Chumps
Zombie Apocalypse is a lot like pancakes. They're great when you first get them, but after four or five you start to feel a bit nauseous and shudder at the idea of ever eating more. Zombie Apocalypse plays out in a similar manner; it's good fun for a half hour, but then the game force feeds you the same content for whatever time you continue to invest in the game. Not exactly my idea of fun.
PlayStation 3Games Radar
At its core, Zombie Apocalypse is an entertaining, if overpriced, top-down shooter. Bringing three buds into the fray solidifies the game’s blatant Left 4 Dead influences and definitely makes it a more enjoyable experience, and dropping chain guns and sniper rifles in front of us is nice, too. But we couldn’t shake the “I’ve been here already” déjà vu. By the time you hit the halfway mark, you’ll be sick of spinning in circles.
PlayStation 3Game Revolution
Zombie Apocalypse is not a particularly hard game, since you receive an apparently infinite number of continues (I died a bunch of times and never got a "game over - boot to the intro screen"). The main challenge is actually having the will to keep playing until the end. The downloadable gaming space is already saturated with twin-stick shooters, and while Zombie Apocalypse tries to stir up the formula by adding the already decaying - no pun intended - cliché of zombies into the pot, it ends up being just another shooter. Going for ten dollars on both XBLA and PSN, Zombie Apocalypse tries its best but should just get a bullet to the head.
PlayStation 3Game Shark
Online and offline multiplayer gives Zombie Apocalypse a little extra pulse, but not enough to invigorate the burden of repetition. I see little reason why the experience couldn’t have been shortened to a handful of stages of brutal intensity with a solid emphasis on scores and leaderboards. I don’t envy the person who slogs through three hours of slaughter, only to come in second.
PlayStation 3Giant Bomb
Zombie Apocalypse is a boring dual-joystick shooter that lacks the speed and intensity that the best games in the genre all share. Throw in a generic zombie theme and you're left with something that feels like it'd be a neat free Left 4 Dead mod. As a standalone commercial product, though, it's lacking at every turn.
PlayStation 31UP
During my first playthrough of Zombie Apocalypse, I managed to take out a grand total of over 16,000 undead abominations -- a gargantuan number that, at first, I felt strangely indifferent toward. Shouldn't gunning down, exploding, chain sawing, and otherwise brutally maiming that many zombies be exciting? But a hallmark of any decent twin-stick shooter is that it makes you totally lose track of time. The kill counter in this game only served to remind me of exactly how many zombies I'd joylessly mowed down, and likewise, how many hours I'd wasted doing so. That's not a feeling I particularly enjoy; I doubt you would, either.
PlayStation 3Gaming Nexus
It seems to me that this game wasn’t tested, that there was no real creativity invested in it, and they just wanted to make a quick buck on a sure thing. I could mention the 7 Days of Hell bonus mode that you unlock after beating the game, but that’s more of the same with a… wait for it… sepia tone! If the game was tested the many balancing issues probably would’ve been corrected, and Nihilistic probably would’ve realized the game they were making wasn’t very fun. For me Zombie Apocalypse proves to be less a game and more an endurance test, so if you’re looking to get your zombie fix I highly recommend you look somewhere else.