Zombie Infection Screenshots

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J2ME version

Main menu
Arriving at the crime scene
This doesn't look nice
Ew, that's disgusting!
The people are turning into zombies!
The whole place gets blown up
Suddenly finding oneself alone in an alley
Aiming for the head...
...and off it goes in a cloud of blood.
More weaponry can be bought in the shop
A zombie need no legs to reach its target.
Items can be combined
A surprise coming out of the window
Explosive barrels can be used to blow things up
Found some ammo in the closet
Close combat
"Watching" the news
The map
Crates blocking the path
Getting quests by interacting with NPC:s.
Found a machine gun
Mike is looking for a weapon
Mike uses his katana to chop up zombie after zombie
But he can also use his shuriken for ranged combat
Shawna filming
Tape can be sold for money
Shawna can use the light from her camera to weaken these enemies.
Looks like a boss fight
Game over