Advertising Blurbs

magazine advertisement:

    -Anita Placetohide Amityville Herald

    Only Konami could bring something so demented and sick to your Super NES and your Sega Genesis. Action! Adventure! A real scream! A must see!

    "55 levels of sheer terror. Not a dry seat in the house."

    -Washington Post Mortum


    -Slash Meehup - Rolling Tombstone

    Thrilling performances by two teenage stars who must save cheerleaders, babies and BBQ-happy neighbors from every monster that ever stalked the cineplex.

    "Somebody help me! Help me please!"

    - B.A. Goner - New York Times Up

    Fifty-five B-horror movies rolled into one are now slaying in your neighborhood. Scream to the sounds of "Hedgemaze Chainsaw Mayhem," "Mars Needs Cheerleaders" and "Weird Kids on the Block." Find your way through a "chopping" mall, a grocery store, mysterious monster islands, a haunted house and your own Zombie infested backyard. Run, swim and trampoline over hedges to escape hordes of Zombies, Chainsaw Maniacs, Mummies, Evil Dolls, Lizard Men, Blobs, Vampires, Giant Ants, Martians and more. Or take them out with your uzi squirt gun, exploding soda pop, bazookas and weed wackers. In a pinch use one of your collectible power-ups like secret potions and bobo clown decoys. Go it alone or as a Zombie squad of two. The game goes on and on and on. Run for your life! It just won't die!!

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59730) on Dec 21, 2013.

Back of Case/Box - Genesis/SNES (US):
    The neighbors are just dying to meet you!
    Hey, where's that scary music coming from? Yikes! It's Zombies Ate My Neighbors,’ where you appear in every demented horror flick ever to make you hurl ju-jubes.


    are two wholesome teenage stars doing in a 16-bit game like this?! Trying to save the nice neighbors, cheerleaders and babies from a fate worse than polyester!


    could put this SLICE of suburbia in such goose-pimply hysteria? Zombie, relentless Chainsaw Maniacs, Mummies, Evil Dolls that just won't die, Lizard Men, Blobs, Vampires, Giant Ants, Martians and more.


    these crazy kids survive the night? You can fend off the freaks with a virtual candy counter of weapons like uzi squirt guns, exploding soda pop, bazookas, weed wackers and ancient artifacts. Also grab power ups-o-rama like secret potions and bobo clown decoys. Use your victim radar viewer. Does this game ever end?!


    else will they turn up? Find your way through 55 horror-filled levels like a grocery store gone bad, a shopping mall awry, a mysterious island and your own back yard. Don't miss "Weird Kids on the Block", "Mars Needs Cheerleaders" and "Dances with Werewolves".


    Zombies Aye My Neighbors. But don't be surprised if your friends are missing when your hear the sound of the chainsaw hissing!

    Contributed by kcar181- (530) on Nov 20, 2005.

Winter 94/95 LucasArts catalog:
    Help rescue neighbors from certain doom in this fast action, two-player game.

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Sep 25, 2003.