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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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Zombies?! Where's my Super-Soaker! SNES Tom Jacob (7)
Excellent, criminally overlooked game SNES *Legion* (138)
zombie fun for all SNES Big C (49)
Undead Fun Genesis Liam Dowds (51)

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Platform Votes Score
Genesis 38 3.7
SNES 46 3.8
Wii 4 4.4
Combined MobyScore 88 3.8

The Press Says

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GenesisGamePro (US)
This cart's monstrous fun, with 48 levels and every B-movie monster included. It's not scary, but the challenge will keep your thumbs screaming for mercy.
Zombies est un jeu culte, ou en tous les cas a tout pour l'être. Bourré de références parodiques aux films d'épouvante et doté d'un ton humoristique qui fait merveille, il offre un challenge corsé mais guère lassant grâce à une profusion d'ennemis et de victimes, d'armes et d'objets, de niveaux et de secrets. La vue du dessus est parfaite pour l'exploration et pour le mode 2 joueurs qui, comme l'a confirmé plus tard Secret of Mana, se révèle idéale pour jouer à plusieurs à ce type de jeu.
SNESTotal!! UK Magazine
There's not an original gameplay feature in sight here, but it's incredibly fast, full of action and the graphics are so funny you'll probably die laughing. Just don't come back as a zombie.
SNESASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Zombies wie sie keiner kennt. LucasArts bleibt seinen Ansprüchen treu. So wollen wir Module sehen.
SNESPower Unlimited
Zombies Ate My Neighbors is een fantastisch maf spel, dat eigenlijk niet in een hokje past. Vooral leuk is dat je het met z'n tweeën tegelijk kan spelen. De graphics zijn op de Super Nintendo iets beter dan op de Megadrive.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Zombie's graphics are beautifully detailed, and each of its 50+ stages boasts its own unique theme. There's a mummy-infested pyramid, a school invaded by aliens, and a mall loaded with zombies, just to name a few. Creatures include a wide range of movie monsters ranging from the Creature from the Black Lagoon, to little Chucky the doll, to a chainsaw-wielding Leatherface. The game is expertly programmed, and the controls are super responsive. Another feature worth mentioning is the catchy music that plays throughout each stage. I would love to have the soundtrack to this! A two-player simultaneous mode is included, but that requires cooperation to keep both players on the screen, which is more confusing than fun. Overall Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a winner that will especially appeal to horror movie buffs.
SNESJust Games Retro
If you're the kind of person who loves B movies, especially monster flicks, you'll eat ZAMN up with a spoon. It's a solid shooter with a healthy dose of genuine as well as ironic appreciation for all things creepy. And with 55 levels, each with its own enjoyable twist, there's plenty of this game to love. If you balk at schlock and wish the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 would shut up so you can watch the movie, this title may still offer a great deal of appeal on its search and rescue merits alone. In either case, Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a perfect example of a well executed SNES title that fully deserves the cult following it's developed.
GenesisPower Unlimited
Zombies Ate My Neighbours voor de Megadrive is bijna zo goed als die voor de Super Nintendo. De twee versies zijn dan ook vrijwel identiek. Jammer dat in deze versie de graphics iets minder zijn en dat de besturing (met drie knoppen) iets moeilijker is.
SNESNintendo Land
Zombies is a good, solid blaster with an original and very funny concept behind it that makes it a little more special than other shooters. After all, a game that give you the opportunity to kill forty-feet babies with exploding soda cans can't be bad.
GenesisSega Force
En underbar funktion är att man kan vara två spelare samtidigt. Det är både svårare och enklare att spela på detta vis (eftersom man både kan hjälpa och stjälpa varann) men framför allt är det mycket roligare och mer spännande. Man måste verkligen vara samspelta för att överleva!! Ett dundercoolt spel.
Zombies Ate my Neighbor est un très bon jeu, l'un des meilleurs hit and run de l'époque. Déjanté à souhait, parodique et surtout amusant, ce soft vous promet quelques bonnes heures d'éclate, seul ou avec un ami. Si la difficulté en fera capituler certains, les plus hargneux y trouveront certainement leur compte. En plus d'être un bon jeu, Zombies constitue aussi un challenge de taille à même de ravir les hardcore gamers tout comme les joueurs occasionnels. Merci Lucasart !
Mittlerweile gehört Zombies zu den Kultgames der 16-Bit Ära und das zurecht. Der Spielspaß der bei der Untotenhatz gerade zu zweit aufkommt, vermag es so manches 128-Bit Spiel um Längen zu schlagen. Wer hier nicht zuschlägt, ist selber Schuld!
I'm not going to lie to you, or wait until the end of the page to get the point across to you: ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS is awesome. It is so awesome that I can't think of a better way to open up my review, because nothing else is appropriate. It is easily the best game I've ever played that wasn't an RPG. I'm telling you this early because I must admit I'm pretty biased in favor of LucasArts' crowning achievement. I have so many memories attached to running around Vincent Price labyrinths and Ed Wood backyards, memories that grasp from Halloween, spring, winter, Christmas, Easter, summer, school and even baptism, that giving a fair, technical review would be a daunting challenge.
SNESRetro Spirit Games
It has a zany B-movie presentation style and wacky sense of humour that never fails to raise a smile. It certainly won't scare you, but it will damn well entertain you, and get you in the mood for watching some classic 80's horror flicks. Plus it has a 2-player co-op mode, so you can play it with your partner or buddy.
GenesisRetro Spirit Games
It has a zany B-movie presentation style and wacky sense of humour that never fails to raise a smile. It certainly won't scare you, but it will damn well entertain you, and get you in the mood for watching some classic 80's horror flicks. Plus it has a 2-player co-op mode, so you can play it with your partner or buddy.
WiiNintendo Life
If you find yourself all played out on the typical action titles available on the Virtual Console service, it might be a good time to try something different. Zombies Ate My Neighbors should fit that bill quite nicely: if you took Contra and somehow turned it into a second rate horror movie, this is probably what you'd end up with. Suffice it to say, if shooting everything in sight and blowing stuff up is your thing, you're going to love this unusual Super Nintendo action title.
SNESRetrogaming History
In definitiva: Zombies Ate My Neighbors offre divertimento puro, una buona sfida discretamente prolungata, un concept semplice ma che "prende" all'istante proprio per questo, ed è quindi un esempio della Lucasfilm migliore e più creativa. Se siete dei nerd del cinema di genere aggiungete pure un punto alla valutazione finale!
SNESHigh Score
Zombies är ett läckert spel med skön känsla, utmärkt tvåspelar-läge och som dessutom präglas av en stor självdistans. Grafiken är bra uta natt vara så bra att man börjar dregla och samma gäller musiken - men båda är utan tvekan tillräckligt bra för att passa i denna höjdare.
The fact that ZAMN is not a Konami product is apparent. While it's certainly not a bad game, it's not on par with Konami's own game franchises. Still, it is a refreshing diversion and should provide a few laughs as well as hours of gameplay.
GenesisSvenska Hemdatornytt
Spelet är lagomt svårt. Man går frammåt hela tiden men man har hela tiden näsan bara knappt ovanför vattenytan. Detta spel kommer inte att bli en klassiker, men det är ruskigt bra underhållning.
SNESNintendo Magasinet (Denmark)
En skøn humor og opfindsomhed lægges for dagen.
"Zombies" bietet spielerisch zwar wenig Tiefgang und kann auf Dauer etwas eintönig werden, dafür überzeugt der Titel umso mehr durch seine Kreativität und seinen Einfallsreichtum in Sachen Level- und Gegner-Design. Kaum ein Spiel für das SNES war und ist so herrlich verrückt, so angenehm unkonventionell wie dieses. Wer abseits der altbewährten Side-Scrolling-Action-Games ein unterhaltsames Koop-Spielchen sucht oder als Zombie-Freak einfach auf Untote in Videospielen steht, sollte schnell 800 Punkte zusammensuchen und diesen Klassiker unverzüglich herunterladen!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Your enjoyment of this game will largely depend on if you've played the SNES version (which was released first). If you haven't, then Zombies Ate My Neighbors is an engaging, light-hearted romp with a Halloween theme.
If there was more to it, Zombies Ate My Neighbours could have been great. As it is, the different styled backgrounds and the addition of some end of level guardians does little to inject life into what is basically a pretty dead game.