ZombieSmash! Screenshots

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iPhone version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
The level selection screen. The ones marked with an "X" were finished on the highest difficulty level.
This picture can be quite obscene if you think about it too long.
In a moment at least six of those raging housewives will blow up.
The final kill is always shown in slow-motion.
Has anyone seen Indiana Jones? He was to be here...
The guys on the left are hard to kill.
Finished the level with a few bonuses.
Hit the zombie horde with a few boulders.
The wrecking ball is very useful to clear out the screen for a moment.
The house is destroyed - game over.
The sandbox-mode allows you to test out all power-ups and weapons against every zombie in the game.
Most zombie-kills happen at the edge of the screen.
That's what it looks like when a grenade blows up.
Those rabbit ears can be turned off and are called "Easter Mode".
The camera is fully zoomed out while I'm shooting zombies (visible by the open window).
Did I already mention that the wrecking ball is quite useful?
You can tune down the gore-level if you don't like body parts flying around.
Can you piece that zombie back together?
The chimney is nice to fry some zombies in it.
Baldy injured zombies can still crawl to the house and damage it.
Massacre at Lost Hills - Tonight on ZNN.
The time-stop-power-up let's you appreciate the carnage you make.
Freezing zombies and then smashing them - that's fun!
Again shooting some zombies for more stars.
That worker-zombie on the right has a grenade...
Giant Boulder incoming!
I guess that zombie is headless.
The later level become very hectic.
Fireballs raining from the sky.
Witches do a high amount of damage in a very short time.
Those witches can jump around and are very annoying.
Riddle: How many zombies are on this picture?
The Asteroid is the most powerful power-up in the game instantly killing everything.
The house is reinforced - but the Zombie Horde is also getting stronger.
You've to pull the vial to freeze those guys.
Mission-critical power-ups arrive via crates.
I like blowing zombies up.
That's one big zombie - I don't think Joey is prepared for that.