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Inside Flaps:
    Easy-to-learn gameplay puts you in the fun right away!

    Increase profits by charging for rides, gifts and food!

    Beautiful zoos will attract more guests, and their money!

    If the animals are happy, they'll entertain your guests!

    Build the right environment for each animal, like a jungle for gorillas!

    Hire staff to feed, care for, and clean up after the animals!

    Choose the right fences or your animals will escape!

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Dec 20, 2001.

Back of Box:
    A Wild Way to Make a Living

    Build The Ultimate Zoo
    You're in charge of a real zoo! Go wild building the most fun and beautiful zoo you can imagine. Care for unpredictable and untamed animals-and those are just the guests. Keep everyone happy and you'll be a Zoo Tycoon!

    Realistic zoo action - animals roam, rest, and play, while visitors explore the grounds, snap pictures, buy snacks and browse the gift shop.

    The great escape! Choose the right fence or the crowd will roar when they're chased around the park by lions on the loose!

    Plan wisely! If animals don't like their food, environment or handling, they interact poorly with visitors and fewer guests mean fewer dollars!

    Who's prey and who's predator? Learn about animal behaviors before building your exhibits.

    Create your exhibit. Use grassland, snow, sand, water, trees, rocks and more to make a comfortable setting for your animals.


    Uncage Your Imagination
    Build with more than 175 exhibit and zoo materials including waterfalls, flowers and hamburger stands!

    Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, and more-
    Choose from over 40 unique animals including Elephants, Cheetahs, and Penguins.

    Ready, Set, Go!
    Intuitive design and interactive tutorials put you in the fun in no time.

    Hone your Zoo Tycoon skills
    More than a dozen different scenarios that start out easy then become more and more challenging.

    More Fun That A Barrel of Money
    Create the ultimate zoo and reap big profits if you manage it well. Remember: if customers aren't happy, they won't come back!

    All the Create Comforts Of Home
    Anticipate your animal's every need such as food, water and shelter.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Dec 20, 2001.