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Commodore 64 version

The little town of Accardi-by-the-Sea was deep in peaceful slumber...
...save for a lone character bent on mischief
Title screen part 1
Title screen part 2
On a high plateau rising from the ruined city stood the vestiges of an ancient temple...
But later that day...
Moog thought it would be fun to rule the kingdom. She'd show everyone who was boss!
Who dares to disturb the sacred grounds?!
Could anyone save Quendor? Find out in ZorkQuest No. 3.
As we begin our story, two thugs are about to unravel a bunch of trouble when they uncover the secrets of an ancient Zorkian temple. (I've always wanted to say the word "Zorkian")
Yep, this guy is the ugliest mug that ever seen the VIC II chip display. He's on a hunt for treasure and this guy is turning into living proof that the money is the root of all evil.
Meanwhile... Everything is hunky dory now at Egreth Castle due to our intrepid heroes kicking some mondo tail there in out our last story (That's Zork Quest I for those of you from Rio Lindia.)
A re-introduction to the major characters from the first Zork Quest. This is Acia, the hot blonde damsel in distress type.
Ryker, the brave scout (Ahem - more like the mucho action guy - at least he tries to be)
Gurthark - The merchant who is generally hasn't been any help to the party so far except for the fact that he owns the wagon.
Let's boldly go where no, ummm.. - Infocomic character - has gone before!
I'm sure that somewhere some evil fiends are causing this? What? I'm paranoid? Don't come running to me when you get turned into a frog or something!
Frobwit works for the Weather Channel on the side - so he thinks that he's Mr. Expert on weather matters all of a sudden.
Acia is being such a girl.
Ryker grabs his bow and gets ready to pawn some n00bs.
It's the original Angry Birds!
Don't worry about Frobwit, kids, I'm sure he's just fine - meanwhile, pass the Egg McMuffins!
Gurthark - Oh Noes!
"Blast it," growls Ryker. "I'm a scout not a doctor!"
Acia realized that she should have taken out that life insurance plan after all.
Ryker needs to find magical mush rooms to save Acia. Sure, that sounds totally medically sound. I'm sure that's just what Dr. Mario would do.
Ryker is back in action!
Ride on, Ryker!
Ryker still wears his cape from his Quest for Glory box cover cameos.
This better be worth at least a few smooches.
Too bad he left his rock climbing gear in his other pair of pants.
Well, an ox doesn't seem that bad, I was expecting something really scary like at a fire breathing dragon, or an IRS tax audit agent.
A mushroom in time saves nine... No, that doesn't sound right.
Warning side effects of mushroom could include: heart burn, vomiting, cold feet, and or loss of head.
It's a ferry boat, Charlie!
It's Ozark the Viking! (What a dumb name for a viking! Were the Infocom writers on strike that day or what?)
Gurthark is overboard!
Acia and Ryker get romantic again. Quick kids, close your eyes! They're about to smooch and spread some serious cooties!
Not to be confused with Accardi-by-the-Garbage-Dump
It's Acia's grandmother.

PC Booter version

intro 1
intro 2
Part of the story introduction... (CGA with composite monitor)
Title screen 1 (CGA with composite monitor)
Hmm, now would you follow the sign or not? (CGA with composite monitor)
Meet Frobwit the wizard (CGA with composite monitor)
Frobwit crashed through this guys roof... (CGA with composite monitor)
Evil creature defeated! (CGA with composite monitor)
Uh oh, sea monsters! (CGA with composite monitor)
Gazing into the pool... (CGA with composite monitor)