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Zuma Deluxe

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Addictive even though it does get pretty difficult Windows Roedie (5225)
Addicting game, but very difficult Windows Robinet (42)
This is what Snood should have been Windows Zack Green (1013)
If you don't like haemorrhoids send them a ball! Windows POMAH (35666)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
BREW 2 3.8
DoJa 1 3.5
iPod Classic 3 3.7
J2ME 4 3.3
Macintosh 3 4.0
Palm OS 1 3.5
PlayStation 3 1 5.0
Windows 39 3.9
Windows Mobile 2 3.0
Xbox 2 3.8
Xbox 360 4 3.9
Combined MobyScore 62 3.8

The Press Says

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Jest trudno. Dodatkowo trafiając w niektóre kulki otrzymujemy bonusy (jak wspomniane cofniecie węża, celownik, wybuch kulek). Instalacja jest trochę nietypowa. Najpierw pobieramy mały programik (ok. 130 kb), który dopiero ściagnie grę. Produkt jest godny uwagi i dostarcza wiele, acz krótkiej, zabawy (krótkiej, jeśli nie zdecydujemy się na rejestrację). Polecam.
Das vom acht Jahre alten Spielhallenklassiker Puzz Loop abgekupferte Zuma Deluxe kennen Live Arcade-Veteranen vermutlich noch von ihrer alten Xbox oder vom PC. Die einzigen Extras des 360-Remakes sind freispielbare Gamercard-Erfolge, deutsche Bildschirmtexte sowie HD-Unterstützung. Zudem wurde der Preis um umgerechnet knapp zwei Euro gesenkt. Besitzer des Originals können sich eine Neuanschaffung also sparen. Unvorbelastete Puzzlespiel-Fans mit Vorliebe für hektische Kugel- bzw. Blasen-Action à la Puzzle Bobble dürfen jedoch bedenkenlos zuschlagen, denn Zuma vereint gekonnt einfachste Spielmechanik mit äußerst motivierendem zeitlosen Gameplay. Lediglich die Anzahl der Levels und Spielmodi lässt auf Dauer etwas zu wünschen übrig - vor allem eine Multiplayer-Komponente oder ein Leveleditor hätte eine willkommene Erweiterung dargestellt. Aber auch so macht das Kugelspucken eine Menge Spaß - ganz gleich ob als schnelle Partie für zwischendurch oder stundenlange Highscore-Jagd.
Pojďte se dnes opět trochu odreagovat. Přinášíme vám totiž velmi zábavnou a chytlavou hříčku, která vás zaručeně pobaví, a to i přes svoji zdánlivou jednoduchost. Výborná hratelnost je totiž prvek, který téhle hře zaručeně nechybí.
Xbox 360Game Shark
The Xbox Live Arcade for the 360 has built quite a reputation in it’s short time of existence. For example, there are games actually worth playing on Live Arcade. The only problem is once you start playing many of these games, you’ll find it tough to stop playing them.
Zuma Deluxe, which was designed by Bejeweled creator PopCap Games, may be one of the best action puzzle games you can play on your PC. In Zuma, these masters of the "match three" genre have crafted the perfect blend of strategy, action, and precision. Instead of the usual grid of blocks, you're attacking advancing chains of colored balls, which snake all over the Mesoamerican-themed levels toward a sacred gold head.
WindowsImpulse Gamer
In conclusion, Zuma is a great puzzle game for the PC that we could happily recommend to those gamers who enjoy a good puzzle and strategy game. It's Tetris for the 21st century!
Xbox 360Video Game Talk
With its mix of ease and challenge, it's sure to entice hardcore and beginning gamers alike. Sure the sound and graphics aren't mind-blowing, but it's proof to the point that a game can be extremely entertaining without needing to be uber-realistic looking. Highly Recommended.
Xbox 360Digital Press - Classic Video Games
Zuma is unquestionably one of the brightest aspects of the Xbox Live Arcade, and a perfect example of how it can work. It's accessible, bright, simple, and you can't stop playing. It's probably the most entertainment available for $10.
Xbox 360Extreme Gamer
Zuma is worth the investment for the Xbox 360, if you like puzzle type games. Although this could be the one to win you over since it's pacing is a little faster then something like Hexic. Zuma is a lot of fun and can provide hours addictive intense action. If you already have this running on your PC you might want to skip this version until they fix the controls add extras like Xbox Live mutliplayer. Overall Zuma is a great addition to Xbox Live arcade, its one of those classics which will become a timeless hit.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
In fact, Zuma barely falls into the category of "puzzle game" at all. It's much more of a fast-action arcade-style game with a good deal of strategy and skill thrown into the mix. It's sufficiently simple that there's virtually no learning involved, yet it's complex enough to be interesting and compelling. It's the kind of game you can pick up and play right away, and should be equally appealing to all ages.
Xbox 360IGN
The Xbox Live Arcade has yet to disappoint. As of right now, Zuma represents the height of addictive and deceptively engrossing gameplay. One look at a screen of Zuma and you most likely won't understand what you're seeing. In fact, you may grow so confused as to cause the onset of a massive migraine headache. However, after a few healthy doses of aspirin and a few minutes of play time, you won't be able to put your controller down.
Xbox 360Lawrence
Considering the amount of quality titles on Xbox Live Arcade (and the huge success of Street Fighter II), I think it’s only appropriate for to start covering them. From this point forward, we’ll include reviews of new XBLA games in a kind of “mini-review” format. All of the grading criteria will be omitted except for the Overall score (after all, I’d feel odd scoring UNO’s graphics).
Xbox 360Game Chronicles
Zuma Deluxe is one of the first batch of Xbox Live Arcade games to debut on the new Marketplace, and while Zuma can be enjoyed on other formats like the PC, Palm devices, and even cell phones, you’ll never see it look this good or play as well as it does on the Xbox 360.
Xbox 360TalkXbox
If you’re tired of Hexic HD and couldn’t really get into Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Zuma Deluxe may just be the perfect match for your taste. It’s without doubt a unique experience. My only true complaint is the ten dollar price tag, which may be a bit steep for the subtle amount of content provided with the purchase. For the same price you could obtain two XBLA titles. Then again, the best things in life are going to cost you (or wait, is it the other way around?). It all comes down to whatever floats your boat. Personally, I deeply enjoyed Zuma Deluxe, and I highly recommend it for your XBLA library.
WindowsAbsolute Games (
Zuma Deluxe идеальна в своей простоте. Она напоминает вечнозеленые Tetris и «Линии» и наверняка осядет на многих винчестерах вместе с признанными убийцами свободного и рабочего времени. Почетный знак «Наш выбор» занял бы законное место… если бы не полностью заимствованная идея. Клонам его не дают.
Tout le monde y a joué un jour sur un site de jeu Flash, trouvé un équivalent dans un CD ou DVD refourgué dans un magazine : Zuma est peut-être le jeu le plus vendu de l’année dernière et le plus connu du grand public. Nous avons donc décidé de jeter un œil à la version payante, histoire de voir si le jeu à succès de PopCap Games valait vraiment le coup…
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD)
Das Spielprinzip ist einfach und die Entwickler haben offenbar nicht allzu viel Kosten und Mühen gescheut. Trotzdem ist ein spaßiger Arcade-Titel für Zwischendurch erschienen. Wer die am Anfang erwähnten Spiele schon besitzt bekommt aber leider nicht viel neues Geboten.
Xbox 360GameSpot
If you've played and enjoyed a bunch of Hexic HD, the free puzzle pack-in that comes preinstalled on the Xbox 360's hard drive, then Zuma Deluxe makes a good next step. Featuring a clean and attractive presentation and a distinct Mesoamerican motif, Zuma Deluxe shares a lot in common with the Bust-a-Move series or even a game of billiards. As a long string of multicolored balls spirals steadily toward the center of the screen, you must shoot like-colored balls into the formation to try to break it up and push it back. The stages get progressively more challenging as more-complex layouts and additional ball colors are introduced, and while the underlying gameplay really doesn't change much, it's still an engaging way to pass the time.
Xbox (UK)
Zuma Deluxe is a hugely addictive addition to the Live Arcade scene, but very much a completist's game for the lone puzzler. Once you've waded your way through what's on offer, you'll have seen literally everything, because, as compelling as it is while you're hooked on it, it's unlikely to be something you'll revisit much. Questionable, too, is the price; at 800 points it's a little on the high side for something lacking much in the way of variety or replay value. While Zuma Deluxe lasts, though, it's up there with the best currently available on Live.
Palm OSPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Bien que faisant « peu fini » en raison de son unique mode de jeu (le prix aurait du coup dû être fixé aux alentours de 10 €), Zuma n’en demeure pas moins efficace et très joli. Ce qui le rend très attachant. Amateurs du genre, vous pouvez vous laisser tenter.
Windows7Wolf Magazine
Единственным недостатком несложной игры под названием "Zuma" является то, что, завершив довольно быстрое прохождение всех уровней, бросать вызов фантастическим рекордам неизвестных персонажей вам уже вряд ли захочется.
40 (UK)
Despite the horribly derivative nature of Zuma, it's one of the more endearing efforts currently available, but still not worth £11.50/14.99 Euros. it's bordering on a rip-off. That's an insane asking price, Microsoft.