4 Soccer Simulators Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

11-a-Side Soccer loading screen
11-a-Side Soccer title screen
Kick off!
He shoots!
That'll be a foul, free kick awarded
And it's a goal!
Hmph typical! Fouled for time wasting!
Oh my goodness! The goalkeeper appears to have the ball stuck to his face! He requires urgent medical attention!
Indoor Soccer loading screen
Indoor Soccer title screen
This is played just like 11-a-Side Soccer but there are a few changes to the graphics and the gameplay, for instance here's a nice looking logo
And here's a scoreboard
As well as additional rules
We lost!
Soccer Skills loading screen
Soccer Skills title screen
There are a number of events in Soccer Skills, this is Ball Control, dribble around the cones!
Goalkeeping, save those penalties!
And now the roles are reversed for Penalty Taking...that was a bad miss!
Sprint Training
Bar Jumps
Weight Lifts, work those muscles!
Bar Lifts
There are three circuits to complete as well, each with a set criteria to follow
Street Soccer loading screen
Street Soccer title screen
It's soccer in the streets!
Takes the shot but it's rebounded off the wall!
There are no fouls, no rules, it's no holds barred...so get up you wimp!
Oh dear there's a right argument here...
And that's it! They said they're not going to play with cheats and so they are off! And there's no ref to stop them so incredibly the game is over!