Captain Blood Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

2nd loading Screen - now guess who's the infant Captain Blood among the other babies.
choosing controls
after choosing controls - loading instructions and load
now stop the tape
your begin the game inside Ark (your esteemed spaceship) orbiting this unknown planet. - ohmy, there are so many buttons, this one what can it... Krroo..
...(enormous explosion)
... it was, the, the... it was the interface fault!
well... let's pick another planet... hey! Isn't that Et's home? Let's make a surprise to my buddy!
helmets up, warm speed! Brick me up Snozy!
Wazz up! (said Blood to the monolith). A little joke about relativity... (author's so dazzled with his own creativity)
Now, aham, the Ark is orbiting not Et's planet, but a purple planet, perhaps the Joker's planet... I dunno.
let's see if this planet's atmosphere has some kind of air defences... nope, clean for sending a probe.
...the probe indicates there are signs of life westwards. I should be careful not to damage it by conducting it carelessly against the mountains.
BANG!!! "%#$&%/" said the probe (not far from the truth, the probe really curses with you. at least in Amiga version)
It's imminent a close contact with a native. Who kind of species might be living here?
Loading screen
The Ark (48k version) - Note that the OORXX ramp, and Blood's arm are missing from this version!
The Ark (128k version)
Chatting to Yoko (48k version) - Both versions on the Spectrum use a single window for sending/receiving messages.
Chatting to Yoko (128k version)