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Faster than the Amiga version, and contains many elements of the arcade machine and surprisingly faithful graphics. Cyberball fans should look out for this one.
Your Sinclair (May, 1990)
Nice idea but far too ambitious for the humble Spec. Die-hard fans could get some fun out of it.
Your Sinclair (Sep, 1992)
After a brief period of blubbing, I gave it a shot. Discarding the feebly superficial instructions, I flunked my way through a series of bewildering tactics screens only to flounder in the turgid gameplay. Loads of beefy robots chugging around smashing lumps off each other and trying to score a touchdown before the ball explodes - great in theory, crap in practice. The presentation is fine, but as the game plays more slowly than a half-dead inebriated sloth with chronic verrucas, by the time anything starts happening you've completely forgotten the tactics you'd chosen. Not that they meant much in the first place.
Sinclair User (Jul, 1990)
If you like learning jargon like "Wide receiver in motion - pitch to left back swinging wide - wide receiver comes round for hand-off and follows surge left!" then you'll enjoy this game. It's very nicely put together and has cute little graphics. I can't help feeling, though, that it would have made more sense as a head-bashing arcade smash-'em-up, rather than the rather laboured strategic challenge it is now.
Sinclair User (Aug, 1992)
Euggh what a horrible game. What a desperate thing to do to such a great game and sport. Cyberball has always been a bit of a problem to play, it's way too complicated and the graphics on this version just make things worse I'm afraid.
After the rather good Amiga version comes this naff Speccy conversion. Both the sprites and backdrops are mono, the characters look nothing like tough 20-foot-tall mean dude robots, and the movement (if you can call it that) is glitchy. Save your money.
Crash! (Jun, 1990)
Definitely not my cup of tea this: I couldn't stand playing it for more than 10 minutes. It takes absolutely ages to load, alright if you're in for a real stunner, but not if you're greeted by naff futuristic American Football. Nothing against American Football, but I object when it's played at this speed: it's unbelievably slow. The robot players crawl around the screen in a generally annoying way and aren't even very well-drawn. Graphics are mostly very poor, and in black and white too. Sound is equally bad with average tunes and the odd effect, including something I think was meant to be a crowd chanting.