Written by  :  Stephen M (24)
Written on  :  Jul 26, 2006
Platform  :  ZX Spectrum
Rating  :  3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars
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Nail-biting action!

The Good

This game was realistic for its time. I used to sit with my dad as he flew up and down the map, avoiding gun fire, changing madly from the pilot view to rear gunner and back again, shooting down one plane after the other, until he finally found the Bismarck.

Later I learned to do all that myself. "Flicking" the controls on, from cockpit lights through to ignition, I felt like I was in the aircraft. The option to fight as rear gunner came in particularly handy, as droves of aircraft hit you at once, often from both sides at (almost) the same time.

The Bad

Addictive as the game was, it became extremely frustrating to have to zig-zag to and fro, shooting down plane after plane, only to find the Bismarck - and miss. You could only carry two torpedoes, and hitting the target was not a simple task, and one that spoiled the lasting effect for me.

The Bottom Line

A pioneer in combat flight sim gaming, Night Raider was a brilliant game that set standards for games to come.