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Sinclair User (Jan, 1985)
Eddie Kidd may have found it a doddle jumping 14 buses but in Jump Challenge it is not so easy.
Crash! (Dec, 1984)
Eddie Kidd has some nice graphics, the background is simple enough, but the effect of movement works quite well, and the graphics of your biker is quite neat, especially in the spills. But as far as it goes, we have already seen as good in Wheelie. Sadly, after all the promise, the game is quite unaddictive, for me at any rate, less of a game in fact than a simulation.
Sinclair User (Nov, 1987)
If you like the sort of things that EK gets up to on his electroglide or whatever, you'll probably go for this. Graphically it's fairly dire, involving a stick man on a bike (BMX push-bike to start, then moving on to a motorcycle) zooming along a white dotted line before shooting up a ramp and over some barrels. Easy controls coupled with an incredibly low skill requirement make Jump Challenge an affordable way to waste an hour or so.
Your Spectrum (Feb, 1985)
You can control Eddie quite well, but even after practise I found it difficult to make any successful jumps over a decent distance. The 'gusting wind' didn't help either!
Your Sinclair (Oct, 1987)
Mastertronic has signed up the whole range of Martech's old sporty licences, and this one was reviewed by us back in Feb'85. Even then we scarcely went a bundle on it, and now, well, all I can say is keep clear unless you're a big fan of Mr Kidd and always wear your 501s to the cinema. Jumping over the cars is less a matter of the right speed than making sure you go up in gear relatively smoothly, and the graphics are primitive. You'll get bored with it quicker than you'll get good at it.