Fish Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

There is no load screen other than a brief message saying 'Fish is loading', then its straight into the game. Paragraph 1 explains how you came to be a fish.
Paragraphs 2 & 3 start the story, something's wrong, the boss has sent a castle for you
After a bit of effort you manage to get into the castle. Inside the castle there's a message from the boss, the Seven Deadly Fins are at it again
There are limitations to being a fish, no pockets is one, no hands is another
Later in a recording studio in London after you've transferred to another dimension and taken over someone, the producer wants a cup of coffee....
... and if he doesn't get it you, or at least the poor person you've taken over, gets fired....
.... and you end up back in the goldfish bowl.