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Sinclair User (Jul, 1988)
FM2 is all FM1 was and more, the graphics are (a bit) better, although that would never be a reason to play this game, there are a few extra features but what is really astounding is the sheer playability. My favourite strategy game on the Spectrum, no contest.
The sequel to the biggest selling footy management game ever. FM II offers a deluxe reworking of Football Manager - the original soccer management game, with loads more options and features. Enables you to make key management decisions such as buying and selling players, picking the team, deciding on play formations, commercial decisions and stacks more.
Your Sinclair (Sep, 1988)
There are loads of new features - a full transfer market, success points, sponsorship and the League Cup to name but four - but what makes Football Manager 2 work is that its structure is basically sound. Internal logic is the be all and end all of this sort of game - lose it and you lose all attempt at credibility. For connoisseurs, I'd say this is probably nearer The Double in feel, but with that game's massively complex structure much simplified. It also has the ruthless logic that Football Director imposes (if not its loving detail), which'll make it a vital purchase for anyone hooked on that game. I'm delighted with it, as I imagine Kevin Toms is.
Control of the Spectrum version is easier than on the 16-bit machines, and the players are more independent - less likely to play follow the leader. Despite the lack of "pretty" graphics, the Spectrum game is the most playable of all.