Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This is the game load screen which gives way to ...
... company logos and credits which are replaced by ...
... the main game menu.
The Redefine option (3 on the previous menu) takes the player to this screen where all available supported controllers are shown
The start of the game. Freddy is ready!
Freddy has five lives, shown in the lower left. He needs them because right from the start the bad guys come at him looking for a fight
Nice touch - When Freddy nails one of these guys their picture is replaced by a skeleton
Freddy can jump and kick as well as punch
The bad guys come thick and fast
Freddy's health bar turns green as his health deteriorates.
Freddy's finished, one life gone
Against these kind of odds its better to retreat ans spread the bad guys out than let them all hit Freddy at once
A standing kick to the head - nice graphic
The guys with black vests on are harder to knock down
I thought the truck was delivering some supplies - like a baseball bat, health, armour or something, instead it ran me down!
The fork lift cannot pass through the legs of the crane so to escape it the player must keep going right
The red building marks the ens of phase 1
End of stage 1 - start of stage 2
Same game. Different guys to fight.