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Crash! (May, 1989)
Nice graphics, great gameplay — another excellent Epyx sports sim, best played with friends.
On both formats the game is very playable, the Amstrad version is the most colourful of the two (though the Speccy isn't all monochromatic). The list of sports games that have appeared over the years is almost too long to read, but Epyx are still producing them, and very well too.
An enjoyable sports simulation that offers a fair amount of playability. The multiload is a pain though.
Your Sinclair (Jun, 1989)
Hurdles, cycling, archery - all indisputably played during the Summer Olympics. At least there'll be loads left for 'Summer Edition 2'! But let's take a look at the various events in this in more detail, shall we? If they appeal to you, all's fine and dandy. Most of them are pretty respectably done, and offer a choice of practice sessions or competition. For my money though most of them are quite limited - there's not that much to do on any particular one and the multiloading makes playing the lot a pretty stilted experience.
Sinclair User (Sep, 1991)
Quite mouth watering in its initial stages. Very badly let down by multi load. Not so bad if there was some substance once loaded, but it's all over in seconds.
Sinclair User (Jun, 1989)
As for the playability, there just isn't any fun involved at all. Either the programming team at Epyx haven't fully realised the Spectrum's capabilities, or the humble Speccy just isn't built for Epyx Games. Oh Well, maybe The Games – Sunday Afternoon Edition will be good.