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Sinclair User (Dec, 1985)
Those irrepressible Aussies at Melbourne House seem full of arcade games this Christmas, and are just about to release another, in Gyroscope. Somewhat less violent that the last two gladiatorial offerings, it casts you as a gyroscope, that small spinning toy which appears to defy the laws of gravity. You must guide the gyroscope down five four-screen courses of increasing difficulty, avoiding the cliff edges, walls, and various hazards which are set in your path.
Sehr empfehlenswert für das Spiel ist ein Joystick, da oft und sehr genau diagonal gelenkt werden muß. Tastatur-Spieler haben ab Level 2 so gut wie keine Chance mehr. Besonders dann, wenn der Kreisel einen Hang herunterflitzt und per Gegenlenkung abgebremst werden muß. Die gewöhnungsbedürftige Steuerung des Kreisels zwingt aber auch die Jostick-Pilotnen ab und zu akrobatischen Handlungen. Wer aber auch diese Hürde gemeistert hat, wird sich über die von Level zu Level immer schöner werdende 3-D Grafik freuen. Insgesamt ein Spiel, das voll begeistert.
Crash! (Dec, 1985)
Gyroscope puts you in a similar surrealistic situation to the arcade classic Marble Madness. The basic gameplay is very simple - you take control of a gyroscope with the task of getting from the starting post at the top of the course to the finishing post at the bottom within the allotted time. Each time the gyroscope topples, a life is lost. The course is very strange, presented with a surrealistic 3D effect featuring tall geometric buildings, ramps and steep slopes along and around which you have to guide your gyroscope. The course also provides a home for some rather strange (and vaguely familiar) aliens whose touch topples your spinner.
Your Sinclair (Jan, 1986)
Gyroscope, with its stunning 3D graphics will have you hooked - especially if you're a devotee of Marbles Madness, its arcade twin. But remember to keep a bottle of aspirin by your side...